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  1. howmany

    Needy elderly FIV cat coming to stay

    My daughter adopted a elderly fiv cat several years ago ( they said he was at least 5 but 3 years on his black fur has started to have white hairs) . She is planning on leaving the country for a year or 2 and although she looked for other options it looks like Alfie is coming to stay. We have 4...
  2. howmany

    Dry flakey skin or dandruff

    Several of my cats have a lot of dry flakes of skin coming off right now, it has been a long dry winter , and they spend much time near the wood stove. They like their grain free food and it works even for the tender stomach of the one elderly cat . But really it is kind gross she had a lion cut...
  3. howmany

    He Peed On The Bed Right In Front Of Us!

    So my very sweet cat Silky, he peed on the bed right in front of me , my spouse and child, in fact I was in the bed. About two weeks ago maybe 3 he peed in a brand new kit bag my spouse had put his work stuff into ( stapler measuring tape clipboard...) The stuff was all older and would smell...
  4. howmany

    eyes watery one odd pupil, heavy mouth breathing

    So my cat's sickness started 3 weeks ago, he has been ill before but it was different. ( my thread vomit every way). Multi cat house all inside since October. No one else sick but a few soft bowel movement from others. Heavy drooly mouth breathing dry nose, Weak weight loss is eating and...
  5. howmany

    My cat bites!

    Our cat (badycat ,maybe he's mad about the name128527) he's 5 ish, he has been with us since he was 4 weeks old when our other young male took him on as his baby. Other cats have come and gone in our house and he is pretty accepting of them. But several times he has delivered a viscous four...
  6. howmany

    New! I kept the whole litter!

    I want folks to post picks of their cats that they had as kittens as either owners of moms or foresters where they have kept the whole litter or a large part of it . We have 4/5 kits at 14 weeks and they are staying I know some of the cat site's great advisors have done this and I saw a bed full...
  7. howmany

    cheap dry food at kittens new home?

    So we have 5 well 4 now kittens,almost 9 weeks one went yesterday a bit early but I know it is a good home despite the fact they really wanted it sooner ...but I met a family at the grocery store ( we wereboth buying alot of litter) weeks ago when my kids were telling everyone about the new...
  8. howmany

    Taking a kittens temp, how and whats normal

    One of our 8 week olds seems to be ill ; our 9 month old just had some illness but symptoms are different we went to vet no conclusive answers but he is fine now. Anyhow Clara is sleepy and her muscles are shuddering on and off .Trembling not seizures.
  9. howmany

    Vomit everywhere

    Our 9 month old neutered male threw up all over the house last night ! He is not vaccinated and neither our 2 of our other cats 4 yr old male 2 yr old female with 5 kitten who are 7 weeks( we have one who is she was adopted last year and is 5 ) I am freaking out because if the kittens, which...
  10. howmany

    When to add more food

    We have kittens born may 22nd so they are in there 7 th week they are healthy. My question is when to add their 3td and 4th meals. They each had one serving of raw goats milk picked up from a friend down the road starting the day they turned 4 weeks because I noticed that the fifth teat in the...