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  1. xahm3d

    Cat sudden behaviour changes

    When we first got out persian cat he wasn't biting, he was very playful and calm. He recently gets these mood swings were he starts biting my family and I and just making weird noises and running around the house. He's 5 months old now, there are times were he head butts me and sniffs me and...
  2. xahm3d

    Cat keeps getting aggressive and bites

    I've had my cat for almost 3 months now. When I first got him he was really playful and tender, but a couple of weeks ago he started getting aggressive. When I walk into a room and he sees me, he makes this weird noise then runs away and hides. He always bites my head,feet,thigh,ear,nose...
  3. xahm3d

    Cat has ear mites and ringworm

    I took my cat to the vet and it turned out he has ring worm on his chest, its hard to tell because the pink on his chest is very light and faded. So he gave us antifungal shampoo to take care of that. Then i took my cat to the vet again two days ago, it turned out he has ear mites,so the doctor...