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  1. auntie crazy

    Honest Kitchen Raw Products Recall

    Honest Kitchen is recalling several products due to - of all things - potentially Salmonella-contaminated parsley. *snort* I’m writing to inform you that today we are voluntarily recalling five lots of our Verve, Zeal and Thrive products, which were produced between August and November 2012 and...
  2. auntie crazy

    Pet food companies stepping up! Transparency, at last!

    Seven pet food companies have created, or are in the process of creating, "Pledges" that publicly list and guarantee the quality and country of origin of every ingredient in their pet foods. This is the kind of information we've been pushing for, brought to you through the efforts of hundreds...
  3. auntie crazy

    Raw Feeding Resource Thread

    General Feline Nutrition and Raw Feeding Resources Feline Nutrition Education Society: Extensive feline health and nutrition information from a collection of veterinarians, feline nutritionists, and other experts and advocates. Includes legislative and outreach efforts. Good for information on...
  4. auntie crazy

    Facebook "Friending"

    Hi, all! I have recently broadened my Facebook circle of friends beyond those I know intimately to include people I've met online, and it has been a fantastically rewarding experience, way beyond what I expected. So I wondered if there was a thread here for folks to exchange their Facebook...
  5. auntie crazy

    Potential Purina One Cat Food Problem

    It's being reported through several venues that cat owners are seeing their cats sicken and (in some cases) die while eating Purina One cat kibble. The initial symptoms seem to be vomiting, lack of appetite, increased thirst, and diarrhea, eventually progressing to intermittent weakness of back...
  6. auntie crazy

    Another Ralph story.

    I just came inside after being gone for scarcely ten minutes. As I shut the door behind me, I saw Ralph and several of the other cats watching me cautiously from the far end of the apartment. I called to them in reassurance, "It's just me, guys." and darned if Ralph didn't come galloping toward...
  7. auntie crazy

    Stunning 14 year old voice...

    Take the time to listen to this girl sing - it'll be time WELL worth the spending. Amazing, gifted, magical... words don't do her justice. Drew Ryniewicz: Amazing 14-Year-Old Dominates X-Factor AC
  8. auntie crazy


    The pet store clerk gave me too many crickets again. I insisted I really only wanted a couple dozen and that the bag contained way more, but he claimed he'd counted them before he tied if off and there was a long line waiting for his help. So I bring them home and drop 'em in the tub and sure...
  9. auntie crazy

    Study on MRSA and Companion Pets

    Since MRSA (a nasty, antibiotic-resistant staph bacteria) has been a topic of discussion both here and in the Nutrition forum lately, I thought of TCS when this article dropped into my inbox. It's good news, as reported by the Winn Feline Foundation: Naturally, the full study must be purchased...
  10. auntie crazy

    Funny scene...

    One of the very rare (in my opinion) nice things about the weather turning cooler is that the cats are fare more inclined to stay with me through the whole night. Do you guys remember that Jurassic Park scene when they're all in the tree and the Dr. calls out with his hands cupped 'round his...
  11. auntie crazy

    Anyone with domain registration / site hosting expertise?

    Hi, all! I'd like to create my own personal website, but know next to nothing about initial set-up procedures. Does anyone have any suggestions as to whom I should purchase the domain from and with whom I should host the site? It's not going to be crazy elaborate and I'm not selling anything; I...
  12. auntie crazy

    All six in for their 'annuals'....

    I brought Allen, Rachel and Meghan in for physicals today. Since they're five years old, I wanted a more in-depth picture of their health, so I also had a Chem panel, urinalysis, and CBC run on them. Curiously enough, when I asked how we'd do the urinalysis, the doc was all nonchalant, "Oh...
  13. auntie crazy

    Gift suggestions for an upcoming feline birthday blowout?

    On Sept 1st, Allen, Rachel and Meghan will be celebrating their fifth birthday, Ralph will be four and Spencer and Heather will be three. Any gift suggestions for cats who really do already have it all? AC
  14. auntie crazy

    You should probably read this, especially if you have children.

    From an article by Neal Barnard, M.D., President, Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine: Here's the article: Could Processed Meat Give You Cancer? I've been slowly weaning myself off meat for a while now; guess I'm quite done with hotdogs and deli meats. *shudder* AC
  15. auntie crazy

    Where's Kapone?

    This is the first time I've shared something of this nature, or asked for "help" of this sort, but the situation at the Memphis Animal Shelter is heart-stoppingly deplorable: Please share this information. And if you live in Memphis or the surrounding area, please keep your eyes out for Kapone...
  16. auntie crazy

    Cutting Edge Query

    What do you guys use to keep your knives and shears sharp? I have a couple of different sharpening tools (see the links) and I don't like either one, so I'm looking for better options. I also have one of these: Chicago Cutlery Walnut Tradition 10-Inch Sharpening Steel. Thanks! AC
  17. auntie crazy

    Ex-Feral Siblings, Still Affectionate As Adults

    Heather (tabby) and Spencer (tux) are siblings born in a four-kitten litter around mid-September, 2008, trapped and socialized by me starting at about the 12-week mark. Spencer was my biggest challenge; he was insanely aggressive and NOT appreciative of my efforts. When he finally came 'round...
  18. auntie crazy

    What a comfort you are, Ralph.

    I've been sick a week now, a respiratory allergy turned into bronchitis with a horrendous cough. Around two or three this morning, I was awakened by a coughing fit. Ralph was sharing my pillow at the time and even though his nose was only a few inches from my face, he did nothing more than crack...
  19. auntie crazy

    Nature's Variety Praise

    Thought this was interesting and worth sharing (Facebook's false choice: What it should have done to preserve trust - Fortune Tech): NV products are one of the commercially-produced items I feed my fosters. Other pet food companies could - and should - learn a thing or two from them.
  20. auntie crazy

    Midwest iCrate Experience?

    Does anyone have any experience with Midwest iCrate folding cages and/or with the service at petstreetmall? My kitties have been giving each other problems at feeding time lately - whacking each other and stealing food off their housemates' plates - so I'm kicking around the idea of crating...