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  1. MoonstoneWolf

    Relocating with Colony

    Any advice on how to do this? Most likely will be a large size apartment. They're all somewhat socialized to me but no one else. I can't really go into specifics for fear of being judged but I don't want to leave any of them behind. I knew this day was coming but got no advice when Mom...
  2. MoonstoneWolf

    How Do I Keep Water From Freezing

    Please do not suggest heated bowls. I know a lot of people who lost their homes to fires running electric outside in rain and snow. Besides, these outlets are at least 70 years old and I do not trust any kind of electric around winter elements. With that said I also do not have water spout to...
  3. MoonstoneWolf

    Heating Light Bulbs

    Do they work outside? I don't have outlets outside to run a heated mat, water bowl etc but I do have a light socket that you plug a bulb in. I saw some heated light bulbs on Amazon but are they as good as the reviews? (I'm sometimes leery of reviews and stars). Anyone know? It is 6 feet to...
  4. MoonstoneWolf

    Winter Shelters: What Am I Doing Wrong? I feel like such a failure

    Tourmaline will NOT go into that winter shelter no matter what. She doesn't like fish, she's totally unimpressed with catnip. She prefers the cat tent. She avoids the straw like it's a plague. I did get the tent with a self warming pad and a table propped up against bricks and black plastic...
  5. MoonstoneWolf

    Eerie sound in St Louis has some of us Puzzled (animal or bird?)

    At the risk of being laughed at or people thinking I'm weird (OMG: this is the kind of person caring for cats?) I'll ask anyway because it has me puzzled. I know that banshee's are mythical but do you know of any animal or bird that can sound like one? Or what myth claims it sounds like? I...
  6. MoonstoneWolf

    Urgent: I'm so Sad about a Recent Event

    How far can a cat jump out of a tree? One of my cats jumped 20 feet off a tree limb to the ground. I hope she's not laying somewhere hurt in the cold but I can't find her after 5 hours of searching. (She does take off a lot) but I really need some sleep this week. Anyone know?
  7. MoonstoneWolf

    Weather predictions: I'm dense how do you read this?

    Does this mean that everyone in the area will get a lot of snow, or 50% of people in the area will get. I'm so dense and never learned. I kind of need to know tonight though. Anyone? I"m crying that I am so dense. And please explain like you're explaining to a 2 year old. Thank you.
  8. MoonstoneWolf

    Tourmaline Troubles. Need Help

    I’m so scared for her. Crying horribly. I thought raccoons didn’t bother cats. Another lie I was told. Please I can't go outside for 6 hours because of crazy lady inside. I should have called no kill shelter when she came back but didn't. I totally and completely failed her. 😥.
  9. MoonstoneWolf

    Aldi Cat Food

    Is the food OK? I have 5 cats here that aren't eating it. I don't recall seeing a recall on the food. Are they just spoiled. Please I"m in a state of panic. They won't get sick will they?
  10. MoonstoneWolf

    I'll Just Lay Here While You Do That

    Kind of long and sadly can't bring her inside because of Mom's allergies but watch closely how she just lays there.
  11. MoonstoneWolf

    Is That The Best You Can Do?

    Tourmaline (laying down) is unimpressed with Treasure's yowling. These two get along very well. Remember they are feral cats and so the rules are very different. Most cats really do not sit and groom themselves in the middle of a fight. Right now they're outside eating together. I've seen...
  12. MoonstoneWolf

    Air Pods

    Why do I have to be so dense? How do I pair these things? I have sat for 8 hours trying to figure it out. Instructions need a microsope in order to read. Ugh These aren't really Apple's but a cheap version. My cousin has one but he's 5 states away. Also curious how do I set up which one...
  13. MoonstoneWolf

    Can Anyone Identify This Plant?

    New plant my Mom is growing. First time he’s done this. Shaman used to do it a lot.
  14. MoonstoneWolf

    RIP Alex Trebek

    You put up a good fight. You will be missed.
  15. MoonstoneWolf

    EFT or Emotional Freedom Tapping

    Who does this? Just curious. I usually go alternate routes for healing on all levels but have always overlooked this practice. Does anyone actually do this and find it helpful? Pros and Cons both welcome. :)
  16. MoonstoneWolf

    Advice on Socializing a Cat

    Yes I know that I have tamed the other ferals but Tourmaline is very close to taming (or taming again). He's a beautiful cat but I cant have him here. Treasure and Sopdet are to stay and so I will need to rehome Tourmaline without building a bond (if that is possible). Any advice? As I said...
  17. MoonstoneWolf

    Purina Dog Food with Insects but Maybe they'll do Cat Food Soon

    Anyone else hear that Purina will be adding insects to dog food next year? Wonder if they'll be doing something similar with cat food like mouse in the food.
  18. MoonstoneWolf

    Something Cool Our News Channel Shared

    They linked a YouTube to this Halloween display. Even if you don't like Metallica or Heavy Metal you have to say the way this family synchronized the lights with the song is superb.
  19. MoonstoneWolf

    I don't know Much

    About Raccoons except I did notice one night 2 of the "teens" played the cat version of our hide and seek with Treasure. Yep. I watched on all cams. However one thing I've noticed the past couple of nights is that Yoko (don't ask) is bringing her kits here. One of her little ones tries to...
  20. MoonstoneWolf

    If you buy pet food at Dollar General

    Their brand Heartland Farms has been recalled. Dog Food but now I’m worried cat food will be next.