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  1. starryeyedtiger

    How to clean stove vent filters: Easy!

    I couldn't sleep, so I thought I'd clean a few things. Tonight I tackled the stove vent filters, and they look much better! Thought I'd share since it's so incrediblyl easy, and most people forget to clean them. (I was adding a command hook to a lower cabinet when I looked up and saw how gross...
  2. starryeyedtiger

    Turkey Coma!

    I think they enjoyed their Thanksgiving! ;)
  3. starryeyedtiger

    Senior Kitties!

    It's been a little while since I've posted pictures of my three senior kitties, so I thought I'd share a few recent ones! :) (Click to enlarge!) Lucky channeling his inner marsupial Isabella, love my pretty girl! Lucky camouflaging with the Halloween rug I put under their water dishes lol...
  4. starryeyedtiger

    Breadmaker Suggestions?

    Do any of you use a breadmaker? If so, any suggestions on a brand/model? I'm looking into buying one so I can make my own homemade breads easily! I'd like a good quality, programmable, mid-price range that will hold up well. :smile2: I was thinking about buying one from Bed Bath & Beyond if...
  5. starryeyedtiger

    Cats in Bowties!

    I found kitty bowties at Target the other day and could not resist! Kojak loves his and has been strutting around the house like he's preparing to go to a Black Tie event. Lucky on the other hand is not may be a good week before he forgives me for this one lol!
  6. starryeyedtiger

    Unable to get violently aggressive cat into carrier to take to vet. Really need suggestions!!

    It's been a while since I've updated, and really need some good advice and help! I'm desperate! :( In the past I've been the one to give advice on the topic of putting cats into carriers, I've spent quite a deal of time around cats handling rescues and working for animal control in the past...
  7. starryeyedtiger

    **Member Spotlight for the week of 3/26-4/2: MoochNNoodles**

    Our Spotlight Member of the week is... :clap::clap: MoochNNoodles :clap::clap: Here are a few questions for you to start on! :) 1. How old are you? 2. What city where you born in? 3. How many pets live in your home? 4. Favorite Flower? 5. Favorite dish to cook?
  8. starryeyedtiger

    What are you feeding your Senior cats?

    Just curious what those of you with Senior kitties are currently feeding your cats? Any particular reason(s) you chose the brand and style you did?
  9. starryeyedtiger

    Christmas Kitties!

    I thought I'd post a few pictures that I took of the kitties on Christmas;, ok Kojak was really the only one to cooperate, so all but one are of Kojak lol! :) Kojak and Lucky checking out their Christmas stocking, in their little bowties! :) (Isabella wanted nothing to do with it ;) ) Kojak...
  10. starryeyedtiger

    Puppy Pics!!!

    I haven't posted pictures of the pups in a while, so I thought I would share some with all of you! Hope they make you smile! :) (I still need to take some Christmas-y pictures of them when I feel better.) Ranger LOVES his cow toy! :) Happiness! Napping with his favorite toy "What, the cow...
  11. starryeyedtiger

    You all want to sleep HERE?!

    This picture cracks me up! My niece found all three of my cats snuggled up like this in the laundry room when she was over at my house last week. (Lets keep in mind that they have a 6' cat tree in the crate room, but chose instead to all pile in together and snuggle up on a cat bed on top of the...
  12. starryeyedtiger

    Halloween decorating with Lucky! (Confetti Everywhere!)

    This morning, I woke up to find that my cat, Lucky had decorated my kitchen for Halloween! Which, in cat terms means he found a plastic bag with Halloween confetti in it that I had sat on the counter from the night before, gnawed a hole in the bag because he has a plastic fetish, and strew...
  13. starryeyedtiger

    Picture Cuteness!

    These two crack me up! Lucky and Isabella like to snuggle up on the dog couch when the dogs aren't looking! :) My mom had her birthday recently, so my family and I threw a surprise party for her. Kojak was the official "welcome kitty" and he insisted on making everyone feel welcome... he...
  14. starryeyedtiger

    Puppy Picture Overload!!!

    I thought I would share a few pictures of my pups tonight with everyone! Enjoy! :) Mykelti! Ranger! He's such a sweet therapy dog! Ranger gets kisses from random people everytime we go out somewhere. A little lady at the park got him good that day after asking if she could visit with him...
  15. starryeyedtiger

    Food Processor Recommendations??

    Do any of you have recommendations on a good, reasonably priced Food Processor? I cook quite a bit from home vs. going out to eat. I would LOVE to find a reliable food processor to use around the kitchen that will be durable! (Preferably, something I could pick up for a reasonable price at...
  16. starryeyedtiger

    Meet, Rosie!

    It's been a while since I updated, so I thought I'd post and let you all know we have a wonderful new addition: Rosie! She is a 5 month old rescued Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever. I absolutely adore her! She will be trained and used for therapy work like my Australian Shepherds. I'm also...
  17. starryeyedtiger

    Prayers for my family, please?

    Hi guys, I was wondering of you all would mind keeping my family (and some extended family) in your thoughts/prayers this week? It's never easy to lose a loved. I think it's even more difficult when it happens around Mother's Day, which is what happened to my brother- in- law this week. My...
  18. starryeyedtiger

    2 Bain Girls found alive; great news!!! (Update on the Adam Mayes kidnapping/murder case)

    I'm not sure where to put this thread, but since it was a bit of positive news tonight, I figured it would be ok here in the Cat Lounge. (Mods, feel free to move it if you need to!) For those of you who have been following the case about Adam Mayes and the Bain girls, there is an update tonight...
  19. starryeyedtiger

    Silly cats: that can not be comfortable!

    I went into the pet room earlier today to check on what the cats were doing. (When my house is TOO quiet, I get suspcious since they can be a bit mischiveous!) This was how I found Lucky (black) and Isabella (white) sleeping. Does anyone else have cats that sleep like Lucky? :lol3: After what...
  20. starryeyedtiger

    Macy, my beloved dog and friend...

    This morning around 10:00am, I held my beloved dog Macy as she took her last breaths. I am absolutely devistated and torn up right now. :( She was such an amazing, loyal friend to me. I will always cherish the time I had with her. :rbheart: When I adopted her, I went in looking for a healthy...