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  1. slykat12

    Cat Moans For No Apparant Reason

    Hi, My 4.5 y/o spayed rescue Whitney "My profile pic cat" has begun softly moaning on occasion. It is not her angry moan, nor a "I want to mate moan" but akin to the kind of moan humans make when snuggling down for a nap or stretching. She is otherwise eating great, playful, and eliminating...
  2. slykat12

    What Kinda Cat Do I Resemble?

    Hi All. I decided to get another rescue kitten from a shelter that slated his whole family to be put down-they mistakenly deemed them feral-and he has been nothing but a joy. He is quite unusual looking and although I know he is of course a "Domestic Medium Haired" I can't help but wonder about...
  3. slykat12

    Adopt Or Not?

    A good friend rescued a family of cats off the street. A mom & 3 beautiful blue eyed seal point kittens. We took them to the local shelter because they claimed they were low kill-However, they immediately classified our 4 as feral-they weren't- and told us they all would be put down in less...
  4. slykat12

    Weaning Kittens

    I have become a kitten foster for the local shelter. Boy is it a full time job. Being my first time an all and these cats adopt-ability relying on me I do feel some pressure-It's only 5am here on a Sunday and here I am asking for help lol. First, my kits are 4-5 weeks old-one is 80 grams...
  5. slykat12

    Cat sitting for a week/Unique Issue

    I will be cat sitting in my home my sisters 2.5 y.o. fixed male 37% Savannah cat  in a few weeks. I have  a 2 y.o. 10 lb female spayed tabby "Whitney" of my own that lives with me. Whitney loves all other people and animals and welcomes Carter with open paws. Whitney feels no threat from Carter...
  6. slykat12

    CAT Allergy tests

    Whitney appears to have Feline Hyperesthesia  aka rolling skin disease. She has bouts once or twice a week. I purchased this allergy test and it said she was allergic to human AND pet dander and a host of other things like grass and nylon and pretty much all fish. Diet...
  7. slykat12

    Feline hyperesthesia syndrome

    I just saw people commenting on a super old thread and thought I would start a new one on the same topic as I believe Whitney has Feline hyperesthesia syndrome or rolling skin disease. She has an episode every day-sometimes twice a day. Her typical episode goes as follows: Out of the blue with...
  8. slykat12

    Kitty never satisfied with meals

    As many of you know I am Whitney's mom. She is 1.5 years old spayed rescue-house cat that I take on walks. I have had her since he was 10 weeks old and she is a great kitty behavioral wise and health wise. Anyhoo, the past 3 months Whitney cries for food constantly. This is a new behavior. I try...
  9. slykat12

    Whitney fell out the window

    Whitney my 14 month cat enjoys looking out my second story window at the wonderful world outside. She sees people walking dogs, children playing, and all sorts of wildlife. Unfortunately this AM a Squirrel was mocking her from a nearby ledge and she pushed the screen out trying to get to him. I...
  10. slykat12

    I never realized Commercial raw was CHEAPER than premium canned!!!

    I have known about the benefits of Raw for about 5 years. However, the only brand at my pet stores was Natures Variety of which my last and present cat did not like. So each bag was only partially eaten before it got tossed in the trash. Making my own cat food is just not my thing, and BTW...
  11. slykat12

    Trimming the "pantaloons"

    (Not my cat but a good visual.) My cat has long hair-back there. I try and try to trim with blunt scissors and she goes insane-growls, hisses, wiggles, tail swishes,and kicks. I need to take my time as it is a sensitive area but I can't seem to get any cooperation. Any tips on restraining her...
  12. slykat12

    Do you walk your cat?

    Here is me and Whit on a walk.  
  13. slykat12

    eosinophilic granuloma complex

    Whitney the cat developed eosinophilic granuloma yesterday (diagnosed by me-Vet appt is Thursday). I searched the threads here and found another kitty with it and posted there but I guess since the OP was a year old no one took notice. I want to know if other kittys here have had it and how the...
  14. slykat12

    Freshly opened spoiled canned food

    It seems that about 1 of 10-15 cans I open for my kitty she won't eat it. Not one bite. Not when fresh in a clean bowl, not when dry- I leave it out all day too. These are flavors she usually loves and also she never has a problem eating canned food when it gets a but dried out. The only thing I...
  15. slykat12

    Savannah Cat aggressive Behavior

    I am cat sitting my sisters Savannah cat for just 48 hrs. He is a neutered F3 "I think" and is 13 months. I have visited his house several times and he has visited mine 2 times where he is staying now. Several of his fav toys and blankets and his owners used t shirt are currently in his private...
  16. slykat12

    Found Kitty! Meowing a lot!

    Hi about a half hour ago I was awakened to a constant meower outside my window.  I went outside and found a beautiful male black and white "moo cat" . The cat is sweet as anything and not malnourished but purefct size. I fed it and watered it and took it's picture and will distribute flyers...
  17. slykat12

    Youtube videos

    Have any of you ever put on one of those videos for cats on you tube and put your feline in front of the screen? I have an my kitten loves it. I even have a video of her watching a video of fish and she is transfixed. LOL
  18. slykat12

    7 month old kitty's fur changing color

    I know I am probably being a worried mommy but my 7 month olds previously white muzzle has taken on a tan shade. In addition, her usual white "eyeliner" fur is now tan. She is a brown/grey Mackeral tabby. My avatar. Should I be concerned or is this just natural age related changes? None of my...
  19. slykat12

    Eye whiskers

    I adopted a kitten at 10 weeks old. She had magnificent long over eye whiskers when I brought her home. They all seemed to have fallen off, all at once, but only over her rt eye at approx 16 weeks old. Her other eye is as whiskery as ever. She is an indoor cat and the only pet in the home and...
  20. slykat12

    Not a problem just curious

    I am trying to get my 4 month old kitten to eat raw food. She pretty much ignores it in the bowl but when I offer it to her in my hand she gobbles it up. Her bowl is ok for her other food why not the raw? As we all know it is not so healthy for me to be handling raw meat all day but I want her...