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  1. Talien

    I rescued a Cat yesterday

    I stopped at an address for my work route and there was a small Cat in a livetrap on the porch. On an 85f+ degree day. In direct sunlight. With no water. The poor Cat had ripped open a nearby plastic bag full of cigarette butts and dragged the mess into the trap. There was an open wound on it's...
  2. Talien

    RIP, Grant Imahara

    This really sucks to hear about. He was my favorite on Mythbusters, I always liked his solutions to things, which usually involved some kind of robot or other mechanical device.
  3. Talien

    Rose, the supermom

    The Humane Society I volunteer at got in a pregnant feral late this past winter, she was terrified of people but she was a very good mom and would run to her Kittens the instant any of them started crying. She was in the "mom room", which is where pregnant Cats go so they can give birth in an...
  4. Talien

    My Callie is gone now

    She had been drinking a lot of water for quite a while but tests didn't come back with anything, other than elevated Kidney levels one time that were cleared up on the next test. Then her last checkup 2 months ago suddenly showed her Kidneys were 40% gone. I've had experience with Kidney failure...
  5. Talien

    Pictures of us resembling our pets

    I couldn't help but laugh when I looked at this one after it was taken.
  6. Talien

    Sudden Behavior Shift+urine Marking

    So my youngest Cat, Alana, suddenly did just about a 180. She had been fine since I adopted her and Patch last year and infact she spent most of her time together with Patch, playing, grooming, napping, etc. She wasn't exactly best friends with Fresca but they got along and would share my lap...
  7. Talien

    So I Got A Gift From

    Totally unexpected, and totally awesome. Best part is my birthday is only a couple days away, I suspect it's coincidence because they didn't actually mention anything about it but that just makes it even better. This is definitely going on my living room wall.
  8. Talien

    Cats Suddenly Fighting

    Not just play fighting, not just hiss, growl, swat, then walk away fighting, I mean fur and blood fighting. But it starts off in a.....different way. Fresca is an easily overstimulated Cat and it took her a while to accept Patch and Alana after I brought them home, she would walk up to them and...
  9. Talien

    Most Likely "dmh Tortie", But...

    A certain someone keeps bugging me to see if my Callie is a Maine Coon. Personally I don't think so, don't care, and have no desire to spend money to find out for sure, but it can't hurt to ask here. Maybe it'll get them to stop bothering me about it. Her kinda sorta ruff, and lack of ear...
  10. Talien

    Trapped A Stray The Other Day

    I'd been seeing this Cat wandering around since early this spring, and since he would walk up to my livetrap then sniff and walk away I suspect he was trapped elsewhere then dropped off around where I live. This is entirely likely since it's a rural area and Cats are dropped off here all the...
  11. Talien

    Semi-feral Drop Offs

    I had noticed a pair of Kittens roaming around my yard, usually near the corner of my shed where there are some large bushes that provide ample cover, I remembered my Dad had said he saw a pregnant Cat late spring so I figured they were probably from her. I borrowed a live trap from my neighbor...
  12. Talien

    Is This A Caliby?

    I'm fairly certain she is due to the lines on the sides of her face and the stripes on her back and legs but want to be sure. It looks like the outline of an M around the white strip on her forehead but it's hard to tell.