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  1. EmersonandEvie

    Advice- Pooping on the Bathroom Rug

    Maybe a month ago, one of our cats peed on the rug in front of the litterbox. Out litterboxes are in the guest bathtub- makes for easy cleaning, and we really don't have a better place for them. It gets bleached and deep cleaned regularly. Anyway, the pee incident was weird, but I didn't...
  2. EmersonandEvie

    Christmas Ideas

    It's that time of year again... We are trying to think of what a good gift for B's mom would be. His dad passed away earlier this year, so we are looking into giving her something/things that would benefit her and generally make her life easier. She is in her 60s, and her home isn't exactly...
  3. EmersonandEvie

    Food Suggestions

    I currently have my three on a mixture of Friskies (Poultry Platter and Chicken and Tuna), Purina Pro Plan (Turkey and Chicken), and Fancy Feast Classic pates. They get Purina Pro Plan Sensitive Stomach Turkey and Oatmeal dry food on weeknights, about 1/8-1/4 cup each (the food is super...
  4. EmersonandEvie

    RIP Stripey

    My mom has a little colony that she is working on rehoming. All cats are socialized. Last night, one of the kittens (6ish months old?) was lethargic, didn't eat, etc. She figured he had eaten something that didn't agree with him. When she checked on him at 5, he had passed. They looked him...
  5. EmersonandEvie

    Bissell Crosswave

    Has anyone used a Bissell Crosswave? I am intrigued and want to try one (who doesn't love saving time??), but the price tag is a major deterrent.
  6. EmersonandEvie

    Limping Cat + Lump

    HI all, Evie started limping suddenly Sunday night. When I felt her over, she has a small, mobile, soft lump, about the size of a pea, above her digits on her front foot. She has an appointment for Monday (earliest due to COVID), but I'm pretty anxious She is otherwise completely normal...
  7. EmersonandEvie

    Need Advice: Moving, Jobs, Etc.

    Apologies in advance, this is going to be a long post, might be hard to follow, and may get a little rambly. I'll try to make it as linear as I can. Background: My husband, B, and I moved to Georgia soon after graduating in 2016 because he got a phenomenal job. Where we live is ok, but neither...
  8. EmersonandEvie

    Losing Fur on Tummy?

    When I went to pick Evie was a couple of weeks ago, I noticed her stomach felt...weird. I flipped her over and most of her belly fur is gone, from about halfway down her midline. The skin underneath is pink and healthy and she seemed unbothered when I looked at the area. I mentioned it to a...
  9. EmersonandEvie

    Let's Talk Mops

    I'm in the market for a new mop. I've been using the spray mops with the washable microfiber heads, but they keep breaking on me in one way or another- my most recent one decided that it was no longer going to spray the liquid out of the spray portion. I've been looking into a spin mop, like a...
  10. EmersonandEvie

    Old, Matted Cat + Teeth Issues

    My mom's cat, Whiskers, is 16. She is hyperthyroid (not controlled as of now, they are upping her dosage this week) and very, very skinny. Poor girl weighs 5lbs (at her peak, years ago, she was ~12 lbs) and is all skin and bones. The rest of her bloodwork was great (kidneys, liver, etc.) and...
  11. EmersonandEvie

    Stormy Easter Sunday

    If you are in the South, please stay weather aware and have plans in place if stuff hits the fan! Parts of Louisiana have been issued the highest emergency you can issue for tornadoes. Everyone stay safe. <3
  12. EmersonandEvie

    If You Had Been a Boy/Girl

    Kind of piggybacking off of today's Question of the Day... Do you know what your parents would have named you? Or, if you currently have a kid, what would you have named them if they had been born the opposite sex? I would have been Timothy Scott. I do have a brother, whose name is not...
  13. EmersonandEvie

    Citrus Laundry Detergent

    Does using laundry detergent with citrus extract have the potential to harm cats? Apparently orange EOs and other citrus fruits can cause liver damage in cats. The detergent I use is very, very lightly scented, to the point where I can't tell there was any scent at all on the clothes after...
  14. EmersonandEvie

    Food Similar to Weruva Cats in the Kitchen

    We have been giving cans of CITK to our three very night in an attempt to have them fill fuller, longer (meals at 6 am, 4pm, and around midnight, no free kibble available). I caught them on a great sale on Chewy. Unfortunately, that sale is now over, and $41/case is pushing our monthly food...
  15. EmersonandEvie

    Car Buying

    I'm here for some opinions... The husband and I are both in the market for new cars. I have a friend who has been dying to buy my car for about a year now. I started a new job in January, so we are ready to take the financial leap and have adjusted out budget accordingly for two car payments...
  16. EmersonandEvie

    Litterbox Liners and Pine Litter

    For those of you that use pine pellet litter, how is your litterbox set up? We have two sifting litterboxes that get cleaned at least twice a day of solids and the sawdust gets shaken to the bottom once a day. I'm trying to figure out what to do with the sawdust. There is too much of it to...
  17. EmersonandEvie

    Tidy Cats Breeze System and Pine Pellets

    I *finally* transitioned Evie, Emerson, and Dexter to kiln-dried pine pellet litter! :yess: Now to find a suitable box. We have two sifting litterboxes that work, but we have had to rig it up to where there is space for the sawdust to fall into the lower pan. Dexter is also an aggressive...
  18. EmersonandEvie

    A Taco Bell Incident....

    Due to an error in communication, a beef taco from Taco Bell did not make its way into the fridge. Instead, Evie and Dexter decided to partake in an illicit, albeit delicious, meal. Anything I should be on the lookout for? Vomiting, diarrhea, etc.?
  19. EmersonandEvie

    Emerson is Driving Me Up a Wall!

    My sweet boy has gotten into the habit of waking me up at the ungodly early hour of 3:30am to feed him and my other two cats (the other two never wake me up, there must be some unspoken kitty rule that Emerson is the one to do so). This is relatively new (started after Christmas) behavior. He...
  20. EmersonandEvie

    Furniture and Cat Claws

    How does everyone deter their cats from scratching their sofas? We have tried everything from a spray bottle (bad, I know) to loud noises to Sticky Paws, and yet Evie and Emerson just continue to scratch the sofa with a giant cat tree not 3 feet away from the sofa and numerous posts within 10...