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  1. Kieka

    Breed my Female Ragamese Cat

    Welcome to TCS. First of all, per the forum rules, this forum is pro spay and neuter, Terms and rules. So we don't have many members looking to breed. While this specific forum is geared towards professional breeders to get advice on breeding practices and questions, most of them know who they...
  2. Kieka

    My girls are such sloppy eaters. Recs for a placemat to contain the mess?

    I use an old serving tray. The lip around the edge prevent food from moving off the tray so I am not worried about them pushing food around on the tray. The tray itself also has their water fountain on it which weighs it down enough that it doesn't slide on my floor.
  3. Kieka

    Table scraps / begging?

    If you never feed your cat off your plate, they tend to just ignore human food. If you have fed them off your plate, my experience is they tend to just be curious about the things you have shared. If you accidentally share (or they steal) just be consistent after that point with stern no's. As...
  4. Kieka

    Releasing my sadness for the plan of neutering my Keanu

    Nothing wrong with regret over choices, unless it stops you from doing the right thing. Neutering is the right thing for your cats health and well being as he gets older. All my pets have been spayed and neutered as soon as it is safe for them to be. That doesn't stop me from having moments of...
  5. Kieka

    Aquarium pictures

    Rocket discovered the tank has fish again. Of course Grandpa accommodated the kitty desire to be able to see them. We are giving it a week at 86F for ich but I don't see spots after 48 hours.
  6. Kieka

    Snow Shoe Kitten, Iggy

    Reminds me of Link when he was a kitten. I sometimes think Link has a giraffe in his family tree. Rocket on the other hand is a short little one. Pin reality most snowshoes, unless you got from a recognized breeder, are really snowshoe lookalikes. Seal point with white domestic cats, which...
  7. Kieka

    Kitten FIP

    I sent you a PM. Hopefully a stool tests shows it is something less serious. In the case I mentioned, the foster mom treated one infection and one of three kittens just didn't bounce back. They thought FIP but after doing a more comprehensive testing they figured out it was an infection. A...
  8. Kieka

    Kitten FIP

    Where are you located? There is a now a treatment for FIP. Its new, its not well known and it is a black market treatment in some areas but it is real. In some cases the treatment might just show that it isnt FIP. FIP is one of those, if nothing else works then it must be FIP things. So it can...
  9. Kieka

    Aquarium pictures

    Those are some nice looking fish. I really would rather put in some cories for my bottom feeders. But I'm being out voted to try shrimp first.
  10. Kieka

    Aquarium pictures

    I did it! Top photo of Willie. Luckily, he is really curious and follows me around when I am near the tank. Food also helped keep him nearby. He has become a much stronger swimmer in just the last two weeks. The first day he was practically passed out from the exertion of swimming around so...
  11. Kieka

    Is my kitten/mother cat on the right diet?

    Pet food is a highly controversial topic, welcome to the rabbit hole. I recommend researching WWII impact on the pet food industry, its fascinating. I tend to look at ingredients, look for something with meat as the first few ingredients and avoid anything that has a lot of fillers (grains...
  12. Kieka

    Aquarium pictures

    Working on him, he also was slightly flaring out his gills at me but he is a little guy overall. He's a PetSmart betta so wasnt in the best shape when I got him two weeks now. He's getting hikari micro pellets because he has a tiny mouth, my guess is that he didn't eat at all while at PetSmart...
  13. Kieka

    Am I over-feeding?

    Here is a photo to give you an idea of what slightly overweight (per vet) but has a primordial pouch look. His coloring makes it a little tricky but you can see the outline of his actual belly above the pouch. Also these photos to show that angle and time of year can make a huge difference...
  14. Kieka

    Aquarium pictures

    Thanks, I'm hoping the 86F does the trick. I should be at that temp by Thursday. I've already seen the smallest ich spots fade off the two fish who just barely had any starting (I figure if I saw it starting on two it was starting on them all since I spotted it when it was just shiny spots). The...
  15. Kieka

    Am I over-feeding?

    Can you post photos? Preferably, standing from the side and looking down on him from above. But some with him standing front on or walking are fine too. Body condition matters more then weight. Two cats can have vastly different weights but similar body condition. For example, in my home we...
  16. Kieka

    Aquarium pictures

    Anyone know what this is? At first I thought it was some plastic that had gotten in the tank or flaking off the large shell in the back. But it is multiplying, its semi iridescent when it moves, clear and if I scope it out it becomes shapeless slime outside of the water. It looks like thin tube...
  17. Kieka

    Hello everyone - New Member - Purchased my first ever cat! [American Long Hair & Chartreux Kitten Mix]

    Teaching a cat to use a toilet is actually not a great idea. There are kits and people who do it. The problem is that if the bathroom isn't available one time it can lead to all sorts of problems.
  18. Kieka

    Hello everyone - New Member - Purchased my first ever cat! [American Long Hair & Chartreux Kitten Mix]

    I just want to add that sometimes you don't have that instant love moment with your kitten. But even if you don't, it doesn't mean it won't come. My girl was feral when I got her at 3 months old. It took a lot of time and patience to earn her trust. But now at nearly 6 years old she is my velcro...
  19. Kieka

    Feral cat injured, im not sure what to do next

    Thank you for tanking care of these cats. Have they been spayed/neutered? That is really important when caring for feral cats to stabilize the population and reduce risk of injury. That said, I would be remiss to not say that seeing a vet is the best course. If you call the local humane society...
  20. Kieka

    Cat with excess drool.

    First, thank you for helping this little one. Usually drooling is a sign of dental or mouth problems. Could be an infection or just general tooth problems or something more like she was clipped by a car an broke her jaw (extreme example). Best course is a vet as soon as possible, there is not a...