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  1. empirefalls

    Elderly male cat developed a twitching issue that went from occasional to very frequent

    I have an elderly male cat that is about to turn 19 years old. Over the past year,maybe 2 years, he has developed an occasional twitching health issue that now needs interaction/diagnosis Twitching is now present 24/7. I am pretty sure it is an elderly related health issue. Background: He...
  2. empirefalls

    How Safe does this carpet cleaner look?

    I got tired 10 years ago of shampooing my carpet and the cats throwing up later. So i stopped shampooing the carpet. My carpet is really dirty and i am looking to do something. How safe does the carpet shampoo look? Knowing plants can be bad for cat. Then there is orange peel.grapefruit...
  3. empirefalls

    <<<------ He somehow ripped or chewed out a matted fur area on his hind leg: left open sore

    18 yo Maine coon that frequently gets mats in his fur Usually i brush then out. He has had one big tough matted area in his hind leg that i have been trying to brush out for months, Sometime today. that area became an about 2inch area of no fur and the huge mat gone. We saw him cleaning his fur...
  4. empirefalls

    Need help in how to clean my carpet ---safely-- without making my cats throw up

    My carpets are in bad shape. About 5 years ago, we stopped cleaning the carpet with a rug shampoo-er because the cats would throw up the day/days later. Presumably the chemicals the shapoo-er would leave behind. Now that the carpets are in bad,dirty shape, Any recommendations/advice, How to...
  5. empirefalls

    I need help with a senior dog and age-related dental problems

    I have a 13 year old Pomeranian.. He was seen by a Vet 2 months ago about his dental issues. Both sides of face had swollen up to perhaps 3X? Vet said using anesthesia to correct dental issues.pull teeth, is not recommended. Using anesthesia may be dangerous because of his weight. 6 pounds. Vet...
  6. empirefalls

    Blueberries are absolutely good for Cats? from all that i have read

    I have many articles on the internet that blueberries are good for cats to eat. Any feedback? I am still not 100% confident
  7. empirefalls

    Cat eating the dog's dog food and his own cat food

    My dog with arthritis is now eating this twice a day. Dogswell Happy Hips Duck & Sweet Potato Stew Recipe Grain-Free Canned Dog Food. My senior male cat, of course, is eating this dog food too. My Cat eats fancy feast cat food every day too, but of course he has to go over and eat the dog food...
  8. empirefalls

    My Cat Has Black Tongue/mouth..eats Cat Grass Every Day For The Past Year

    My cat has black tongue/mouth..very notable.....He eats quality cat grass that i buy online, that i grow for him. He eats the grass at least once a day or 2,3-4 times a day for about a 10 monhs now. I read eating grass will give him the black tongue/mouth. Eating the grass has been a million...
  9. empirefalls

    Cat Loves Whiskas Temptations Treats For Cats. Anything Similar But More Healthy?

    My cat Whiskas Temptations Treats for Cats. Is there anything similar but more healthier? What i mean by "similar". i theorize my cat knows the exact texture,size,etc. of the Whiskas Temptations Treats and will turn his nose up at anything different.---I could be absolutely wrong on that...
  10. empirefalls

    Portable Indoor Ac-or- Window Ac? My Cats Seem To Catch Colds With Acs Running.....

    With my cats catching colds with ACs, wonder which would be better, Portable indoor AC-or- Window AC? Perhaps there is not an answer.
  11. empirefalls

    My 17yo Going On 18 Geriatric Male Cat Losing Muscle,body Mass. Anything To Slow It Down?

    My 17yo going on 18, is losing body mass,muscle. Getting fragile. Anything i can do to slow down this life process? His quality of life is excellent. He loves life. Likes doing his routines. Hops up on the ironing board---we quickly take him down,hops up on tables in the house. Lives on always...
  12. empirefalls

    Are 'red Vine Leaves' Toxic To Cats?

    Are 'Red Vine leaves' Toxic To Cats ? I am thinking of buying a baby laundry detergent that is suppose to be very non toxic. One ingredient is from red vine leaves. I likely would wash their pet beds from time to time with it.
  13. empirefalls

    Any Recommendations For Grass For Cats?

    Any recommendations for grass brands for cats? I thought it would be easy but as i searched and read reviews about grass that one's grows for indoor cats to eat,there were some negatives- I have bought cat grass before, they loved it. no issues. cant recall brand.
  14. empirefalls

    Alternatives To Cat Lax??? A Laxative

    Cat Lax is a laxative for cats, the vet has said to give to my 17yo male cat. I am having an extremely challenging time giving it to him directly. It has to be forced to give it to him, then he is skittish towards me for days, weeks. I have been successful twice in 2 months. I have found VERY...
  15. empirefalls

    17 Year Old Male Cat...not Himself One Day, Overnight Had Bad Diarrhea,threw Up Sickly

    <<<---My 17yo Maine coon mix cat was not his outgoing energetic self on Tuesday Woke up Wednesday morning ,overnight he had bad diarrhea near the cat box...what looked like food but a puddle of white fluid Wednesday morning, he threw up bad. Looked like food related. All day today, Wednesday...
  16. empirefalls

    How Long Before The First Antibiotic Goes To Work?

    My cat started antibiotics pills [one a day] for a respiratory illness. How long before the first antibiotic goes to work? seconds? minutes? hour? more? If i take an aspirin for a headache or toothache,usually within 20 minutes i start feeling better. Aspirin is not an antibiotic of course...
  17. empirefalls

    5 Year Old Eye Issue Since A Kitten... Has Become Of Great Concern

    5 year old Annie, adopted from shelter as a 2 year old [arrived at shelter as a 2 month old kitten stray] When we adopted Annie 3 years ago, one of her eyes had issues. Watery, squinting. We were told allergies. Over The past 2 years with Annie and now we are realizing it, there is something...
  18. empirefalls

    Scale For Monitor My Cats Weigh. Recommendations?

    Looking for a scale to monitor my cats weight, as a tool to monitor health Any recommendations? Looking for a low priced one. Guess i could use a bathroom scale, perhaps for under $25 i may find one that may be more ideal.
  19. empirefalls

    Anything I Need To Know About "blackwood Cat Food"?

    Recently, I wanted to change my 10 years of serving Fancy Feast Dry Cat food to my cats; One female 5 years old, the other male 14 years old, going into his senior year stage I did alot of research and it came down to Blackwood Cat food. Specially: SPECIAL DIET CAT FOOD CHICKEN MEAL & FIELD...
  20. empirefalls

    My 12yo Male Cat Is Going Into The Senior Years...what Food,medicine,etc, Can I Add To Help Him?

    'My 12yo male Cat is going into the senior years...What Food,Medicine can i add to help him?' Over the past 4 decades, I have had 3 cats hit the 18yo age, before passing away. My 12yo male Cat is now going into the senior years. He is healthy however slowing down,starting to lose bone/muscle...