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  1. white cat lover

    Urinary issues x2 - potential of a Idiopathic Cystitis diagnosis

    I'm back, and with a very crummy problems x2! :( Hugo & Holden have been with me since June 2012. They are 4 1/2 y/o neutered male Siamese mix brothers (front declawed). They were born in my house to Eden, a rescue off TCS and eventual foster failure (she lives w/ my parents at their house)...
  2. white cat lover

    Introducing 2 new "pee-er" cats to a multi-cat household

    Hi Pam! :wavey: I'd love any suggestions you may have to make this work. I have a very large cat family - and recently ended up with 2 more cats due to a family situation. All are S/N. My feline family includes: Lola - 3 y/o seizure kitty Gumby - 3 y/o former feral, very skittish & sometimes...
  3. white cat lover

    Overdue pics of "Nat's Cats"!

    Some long overdue pics of my fine feline family. Some were taken a month or two ago - hence the changing household set-up in terms of furniture location, etc. The kitties got three new cat trees a few weeks ago, so there are now 7 of them in my house. They have more furniture than I do :anon...
  4. white cat lover

    Foster Kittens *Cuteness Warning*

    Two litters - the litter of three kittens is just over 3 weeks old, the litter of 4 kittens is 3 weeks old Monday (7/16) Three girls - two polys Two boys/two girls
  5. white cat lover

    A couple of new pics of The Queen of Sheaba

    I took these two pics over the weekend, Sheaba's really settling in well (except for her dislike of the other cats getting in her 'purrsonal space' - she doesn't like them to be too close to her).
  6. white cat lover

    The Queen of Sheaba

    I can't believe I didn't post pictures yet on Sheaba. :anon: This is Sheaba, known in my household as "The Queen of Sheaba". She is my foster kitty, a youngin' at 13 years old. Keeps these whipper snappers in line around here! :lol3: DMH, spayed, front declawed. Shy yet not horribly shy...
  7. white cat lover

    The "red hat" ladies

    Overdue pictures of Tabitha (dilute calico) & Slinky (tuxedo). They live at my parent's house, and they refer to them as a 'red hat' ladies. Mother/daughter, probably 12 & 14 years old now? :dk: They both lived outdoors up until a few years ago, pretty un-friendly, until they both became ill...
  8. white cat lover

    Some of my fine feline friends

    It was a nice day to stay home, so I snapped some pics of the kitties! Sophie really likes our new SS gift! It's been cold in the house, so I've been running my bathroom heater. Sophie loves it! And she also keeps warm on my sherpa lined blanket Moo Cow made a brief...
  9. white cat lover

    My new house - pictures included!

    I've been quiet lately as I moved just over a week ago - to the new house I bought!  I brought 7 kitties with me -   Fafeena   Cow   Eden   Sophie   Gumby  Dory   Lola.  And of course Izzy the dog.  (In case you notice - the other cats & dogs stayed w/ the parents at their house.) It was a bit...
  10. white cat lover

    Kitty "Washroom"/ Kitty Litter "House" - Thoughts?

    I'm wondering thoughts/opinions on the concept behind these. My cats currently use 18 gal rubbermaid tubs, but also have access to clear/sterilite/uncovered tubs. This wouldn't be the sole litterbox in the house, however it could potentially work nice for a main floor (very open main floor)...
  11. white cat lover

    Silly question - cats, laminate floor, & cleaning?

    OK - I'll have laminate flooring soon. Never had anything but linoleum & carpet. Anyone have it & care to share anything I need to watch out for? How do I clean it - any differently than I do linoleum??? I'm nervous about Izzy (little dog) who is sorta piddle pad trained, she never figured...
  12. white cat lover

    Has anyone seen Margo?

    I seem to be missing a grey cat..... Found her!
  13. white cat lover

    A fire breathing dragon!

    With Sophie's congestion/nasal issues, the joke is that she is our very own fire breathing dragon. We're on a new med (one three vets agree is worth a shot), so hopefully we see improvement in the next few days! Lounging & playing w/ me on the cat tree
  14. white cat lover

    Sophie the hairball returns!

    Her adoptive home didn't work out, not only did her congestion/nasal discharge/coughing/hacking return with a vengeance, but she also isn't house trained - she sometimes poops outside the box. They did try, and even took her to the vet when her congestion returned, tried things to work around...
  15. white cat lover

    Snuggle buddies

    Yes some of my cats do even get along. Twitch & Lily snuggled together, this is a rare occurrence (Twitch likes to sleep, Lily is half her age & likes to play).
  16. white cat lover

    Long overdue pics of the Chairman Squishy Meow!

    My handsome old devil.....he may be 'homely' looking but to me he's cute! Took him for a walk outside so he could pee to his heart's content. Meowing at me Hanging out in window when we got back inside And a video - click to play - he was in love with my shoes when we got back insde!
  17. white cat lover

    Life with Lola, always complicated!

    I have a problem & am not having success solving it on my own. Lola will be 4 years old in the spring, if I'm remembering right? Anyways, she's the seizure kitty, the perpetual kitten. Based on her behaviors it is suspected that her seizures are caused by her 'wires being crossed'. On that...
  18. white cat lover

    Adopt-A-Less-Adoptable-Pet Week!

    September 17 - 25, 2011 has been deemed Petfinder's Adopt-A-Less-Adoptable-Pet Week! Don't forget to look at those adoptable pets who may not look like anything special, who may have different requirements than other pets. Look past the puppies & kittens to the adults, black cats/dogs...
  19. white cat lover

    Prince Charming

    I named "the kitten" Prince Charming. I can play it up to *hopefully* get him adopted, give him a super cute write-up on Petfinder. He's a very vocal boy! I think he'll be medium haired, as he has slightly longer hair & a bit of a foofy tail!
  20. white cat lover

    Have I ever mentioned how amazing & wonderful Lola is?

    Even on a crummy day, she never ceases to amaze me & make me smile. Every day she's a blank slate, the world is her oyster, she has no fear, & lives every moment to it's fullest. I can only hope & pray we have many many more years together. I love all my cats to death, cannot imagine my life...