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  1. Mother Dragon

    A case of Smirnoff Ice

    It's a bit far to go for this Texas girl, but I'll eat some tamales and drink toast with a Dr. Pepper with Captain Morgan's Spiced Rum in it. You want some?
  2. Mother Dragon

    Anyone see this cat bed?

    Beds around here get pretty short shrift. From the description, the one you're looking at would be a pretty snug fit for most cats, and they do like to be able to change positions. I'm also pretty cautious of what imported products might be made of or contain. I really like @Winchester's idea of...
  3. Mother Dragon

    Walkies Welcome, Photos And More, With Or Without Leashes

    Mercy, the Russian Blue looks so much like Darwin in his harness it gave me a start!
  4. Mother Dragon

    The Most Precious Gift - And It's Free!

    Many thanks to all of you who tried or used to be able to donate. Even greater thanks to those who are still rolling up their sleeves. I was able to get my two pints on Friday thanks to two people I'll never be able to thank. I can now walk to the kitchen without gasping like a beached whale...
  5. Mother Dragon

    Christmas stockings

    Find unusual geek and techie gifts as well as just off-the-wall ones here: 150+ Unique Geek Gifts & Cool Nerd Gadgets (2019) Funny Gifts, Toys, Novelties and Weird Stuff. | Archie McPhee Fry's Electronics often has unexpected (not necessarily electronic) inexpensive stocking stuffers, too...
  6. Mother Dragon

    Christmas and Cookies (and other snacks)

    It wasn't Christmas until my mom made sand tarts. I ate them almost as soon as they were cool enough to pick up. I still love those things! We also had to have Mamie Eisenhower's famous fudge, also known as Million Dollar Fudge. It made a ton, but set up so quickly that it was best to have...
  7. Mother Dragon

    Question of the day, Friday, December 6

    I don't think as many individuals go all-out with lights and displays anymore. I remember the first time I saw Santa's feet sticking out of the top of a chimney. Fireplaces weren't common in our area, so it was really something unique. There's still a whole neighborhood not far from us that...
  8. Mother Dragon

    The Most Precious Gift - And It's Free!

    Thank you for trying. You ARE making a difference!
  9. Mother Dragon

    The Most Precious Gift - And It's Free!

    Some of us can't. Many of us just won't. It's a big difference.Thanks for being willing.
  10. Mother Dragon

    The Most Precious Gift - And It's Free!

    My husband and I were always blood donors for as far back as I can remember, until we no longer qualified. It started at work when we got "Kiss me! I gave blood!" stickers. Who wouldn't want to get away from hard work for half an hour, lie down on the job, and get free juice and cookies, too? A...
  11. Mother Dragon

    The Last Thing You Ate Or Drank . . .

    Assorted leftovers.
  12. Mother Dragon

    Question of the Day, Wednesday, December 4, 2019

    A really good, well done version of Oh Holy Night. Most are butchered.
  13. Mother Dragon

    Is there a stomach virus going around your area? And who else deals with IBS (Irritable bowel syndrome)?

    Well, I sure hope it's something going around because I've got it in spades. On the other hand, it's another happy aspect of kidney failure, so I don't know. I do know it's put a crimp in a lot of my life. I asked the nephrologist yesterday about controlling it and he shrugged and said to take...
  14. Mother Dragon

    Question of the Day, Wednesday, December 4, 2019

    Anything from Mannheim Steamroller, especially Deck the Halls.
  15. Mother Dragon

    Post Your Best "groaner" Joke

    Wonderful! I like this one, too. If the earth were flat, cats would've knocked everything off it.
  16. Mother Dragon

    Post Your Best "groaner" Joke

    Q: What do you call a snowman with a six pack? A: An abdominal snowman. Q. What’s Santa Claus’s favorite type of potato chip? A. Crisp Pringles! Q. Why do Dasher and Dancer love coffee? A. Because they’re Santa’s star bucks!
  17. Mother Dragon

    Yes Or No Game

    Yes, unfortunately. Did you ever spray paint graffiti on something?
  18. Mother Dragon

    Question of the Day, Wednesday, November 27, 2019

    I told Robert we had a lot of cooking to do today, so we needed to get busy early. It's now after 3 p.m. and he's in the bedroom, programming the night's TV. So, we still have to peel 8 pounds of shrimp, cook them, make the shrimp remoulade and shrimp cocktails, bake the buried cherry cookies...
  19. Mother Dragon

    Name Five - Game

    Name five things you can track into your house in the autumn Fallen leaves Snow Mud Pine needles Slush Name five things you'd find at a carnival.