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  1. mservant

    Post pictures of your precious Blue / Gray / Maltese cats here!

    :eek: :noway: There's nothing 'just' or 'ordinary' about this cat. :nono:. Looks to be a most regal and beautiful cat to me, and one who knows how to chastise any passing human with a glance. :lol: :loveeyes::loveeyes::loveeyes: Adorable.
  2. mservant

    If You Are Close By

    How did that second day go @posiepurrs?
  3. mservant

    First Time Showing A Cat

    I don't think it is rude and you might find some breeders very appreciative of your request. It can happen that cats are returned because something doesn't work out, like an allergy. Or someone becomes unable to care for their cat due to health or finance and asks to return the cat. Also there...
  4. mservant

    Show Etiquette?

    I suspect you are in the US and cat shows are run very differently there to here on the UK. That said I would be very surprised if you were not able to chat with breeders who are showing there. Take the opportunity to get a feel for how they approach their breeding, look of their cats and their...
  5. mservant

    Adult coloring books

    So I started a new phase of coloring in last night and am working on completely finishing a book of Japanese designs a friend gave me a few years ago. It could take a while though. This was Mouse a couple of minutes ago. :disappointed::angrycat:. Talk about attention seeking... grumpy face or...
  6. mservant

    Showing Cats?

    If the breeder you got her from was showing her around your country and you have her papers now I can't see why you wouldn't be able to. It all sounds above board from what you say here. Once her fur has grown back nicely and she seems settled and weight down so she is in reasonable shape she...
  7. mservant

    Showing Cats?

    Oh such sweetness. Her face is adorable. I hope her fur grows back nice and fast to keep her warm. You might find her pudginess is hormones etc settling after her being spayed - assuming she was spayed before your taking her on as a retired Queen. That gives you a period to settle her in...
  8. mservant

    Advice Needed Re Mating

    That sounds like a nice plan. She looks gorgeous. The other thing you might want to think about is checking out cat shows in your area. That way you could show off your young beauty and maybe meet some breeders who could give advice and possibly even offer to mentor you if you decide to go...
  9. mservant

    Advice Needed Re Mating

    I share lutece's thoughts and concerns. Your cat is very young still and too early to consider breeding from her even if you have plans for any kittens. Both breeds are known to have health issues and health screening of both cats really is needed to ensure any kittens would not have serious...
  10. mservant

    At What Age Do Show Breeders Set Kitten Prices?

    The breeder I know well does not price kittens of a particular breed differently based on what they think the show quality might be. They sell as (neuter) pets and each kitten of a particular breed is the same price. All their studs and queens are of high breed and show standard as are any...
  11. mservant

    Naughty Cats

    Heheheh, of course Mocha and Iris are improving those clothes donations: all their lovely fur will be adding individual character, not to mention a whole extra layer of warmth. It is very kind of them to help. Mouse is currently reorganising a pile of paperwork for me as I type... He seems...
  12. mservant

    Neurological Problems?

    How's Tom doing @MJO12 ? Very much hoping you are starting to see improvement with the antibiotics and that he is not too distressed taking the medication.
  13. mservant

    Just Curious! Tail Body Language

    'Up' tails make me think of human smiles too, and like human smiles when we see one it is infectious and we tend to smile too. As for the more extended rather than up tail when out walking, perhaps it is that instinctive lowering for reduced visibility while exploring? More stealth...
  14. mservant

    Cat Breed Help

    Gosh, no idea on likely breeds in heritage but they are gorgeous. Beautiful markings and colour, almost lilac? Henry's coat looks super plush, I'd love to get my hands in to that fur. .
  15. mservant

    California 6.4 Earthquake

    Oh boy, that is seriously scary.
  16. mservant

    Question Of The Day - Thursday 4th July

    I don't cope too well in heat and prefer winter clothes. For summer between 14 - 16 c is nice. 18 and over makes me want to go hide somewhere cool. :sweat: :running:
  17. mservant

    What Was Your Cat's First Word?

    I don't think Mouse responds appropriately to anything on a regular basis.  :confused: :lol: At least not unless he wants to. 'Toothtime' is probably one of the most reliable things he chooses to hear and usually comes trotting up to lick his toothpaste off my finger. Other than that he does...
  18. mservant

    The ♥ Birthday ♥ Thread **2019**

    :cheerleader::bunnydance::party3: HAPPY BIRTHDAY Theodore, Kiwi, Sunny and Lilly. Lots of treats and pampering to all. :gift::petcat::catrub::dizzycat:
  19. mservant

    Eye Issues

    GoldyCat has given good information and advice here, and the Articles neely linked will help too. It is so tough when you see your kitten get sick in any way. This doesn't sound like a breeder issue to me: you would most likely have seen your kitten sick with infections as soon as you brought...
  20. mservant

    Introducing Bigger Male Cat

    Like others have said, so much depends on the cats' personalities and careful introductions are worth their weight in gold. That said, my experience is that regardless of size if you put 2 neuter cats together which are male and female the female will usually end up being the boss.