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  1. toaster

    Dr Elsey's Dry?

    I feed my almost 5 month old kitten Dr. Elsey’s dry (along with wet) and she loves it!
  2. toaster

    Help!! My Cat Visciously Attacks Me!!

    Yep. It’s all about changing the behavior. If he knows you won’t open the door and let him in, he will eventually stop scratching. You can also order a scat mat from amazon or chewy and place it outside the door. That will prevent him from getting close enough to scratch.
  3. toaster

    Help!! My Cat Visciously Attacks Me!!

    Can you close your bedroom door? I have a 4.5 month female kitten and from day 1 I’ve turned off the lights in the living area (her space) and gone into my bedroom and shut the door. I know your cat is a bit older so he might cry at first, but don’t respond at all and he will get used to...
  4. toaster

    Help!! My Cat Visciously Attacks Me!!

    I think it is definitely the first step. He’s full of hormones and will calm down significantly post-neuter. After the surgery you can better assess his behavior. Stay safe from the hurricane!
  5. toaster

    Help!! My Cat Visciously Attacks Me!!

  6. toaster

    Help!! My Cat Visciously Attacks Me!!

    Can you neither him?
  7. toaster

    Best Dry Food?

    Yes my kitten loves Dr. Elsey’s dry food. It’s all stages so I won’t switch when she’s an adult.
  8. toaster

    Kitten Won't Stop Crying

    Is it possible that she’s in heat?
  9. toaster

    I'm Looking For A Good Carrier For My Cat.

    I JUST purchased one of these today! And tonight I took my kitten to the vet in her other carrier and ripped a whole in it. Fingers crossed this one holds up better.
  10. toaster

    Poo, Poo And More Poo

    I live in an apartment and use a litter genie right now. I toss the litter genie bags down the trash shoot. I recently purchased a litter robot and purchased some odor seal kitchen bags to line the waste pan.
  11. toaster

    Automatic Litter Box

    I ordered my litter robot open air connect on Friday. Anxiously awaiting its arrival. We’re using arm & hammer slide litter right now and like it. My Eleanor leaps out of the box and some litter comes with, so I vacuum twice a day. I purchased the ramp for the litter robot in hopes that she...
  12. toaster

    Cat Tree Shopping

    I have a Vesper cat tree, the one with one platform and one cubby hole, for my 15 week british shorthair/Devon Rex mixed cat. Right now she loves climbing the scratcher and can jump on the cubby hole, but can’t jump directly on the highest platform. So far she hasn’t shown interest in being...
  13. toaster

    British Shorthair/ Devon Rex Cross

    I do have the papers but she is not Burmese. Her mom is british shorthair and father Devon Rex. I don’t plan on showing or breeding her, but they are nice to have for her background.
  14. toaster

    British Shorthair/ Devon Rex Cross

    Hello everyone! My 14 week old kitten has been home for about a week and I’ve been doing some research on kittens with her mix. Haven’t been able to find a lot of information so I thought I’d post pictures in case anyone was interested. Her mother is a purebred british shorthair and her...