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  1. sabrinah

    Mast Cell Tumors in Dog

    It's been quite a few months since I've been on the forum! My dog was diagnosed with MCT. He had a mass on his head that didn't show any cancer cells after fine needle aspiration, but since it kept growing I had it removed and sent for testing. It came back as a mast cell tumor, grade 2, low...
  2. sabrinah

    Permethrin/pyrethrins And Cats

    For the first time ever I'm having issues with ticks on my dog. Not only is that a risk for his health, but the ticks can hitch a ride without biting and crawl off in the house, putting my senior cat at risk. I don't use a topical tick treatment on my dog because I know permethrin is very...
  3. sabrinah

    Dog Insurance

    There's plenty of threads about pet insurance for cats, but pet insurance for dogs is generally more expensive. A visit from a relative went awry and Beast ended up eating a shish kabob (including the skewer) and it took 3 emergency visits, 2 x-rays, and an endoscopy to remove the skewer. The...
  4. sabrinah

    Can Raw Cause Sugar In Urine And Raise Ph?

    I got a confusing voicemail from the vet about my cat's urinalysis. He said there's nothing abnormal, yet there's some sugar in the urine and the pH is a bit basic. Because she's not showing symptoms of anything and her bloodwork was great he's saying it's due to her food being left in the...
  5. sabrinah

    How Long Does It Take Your Cat To Forgive You?

    If you upset your kitty, how long does it take before you're forgiven? Cookie went to the vet yesterday and it'll take a solid week for her to trust me again. As soon as I get home she finds somewhere to hide and won't come out until after dinner time when she's sure she's not going to get...
  6. sabrinah

    T-relief (traumeel)?

    Have any of you used T-relief on your kitties? What were the results? I saw it on 1800 pet meds (and didn't realize until after I ordered it that Amazon has it for half the price) and decided to give it a shot for Cookie. She needs Cosequin daily at this point and I can tell her hips are a bit...
  7. sabrinah

    I Can't Stop Stressing Out About Dog Food

    I know they need to do a lot more research about the whole DCM thing and I probably shouldn't stress so much, but I can't help it. Finding a dog food that has no pork, at least 4.5% fiber but preferably 5%, grain-free, and costs less than $1/day to feed is difficult. If he doesn't have high...
  8. sabrinah

    Interesting Looking Cat

    My dad sent me this picture of a cat he saw while caring for my grandpa up in the hills. I've never seen anything like it. Any ideas on pattern or possible ancestry? Is it just a particularly cool spotted tabby? Edit: I forgot to mention that it has a short tail.
  9. sabrinah


    Does anyone have experience with tendonitis? I'm very tired of it. I've had pain in both my legs for years. It's likely because I was very unkind to my body for quite a few years (eating disorders and such), punishing it in various ways and doing nothing to prevent injury or facilitate...
  10. sabrinah

    Alnutrin And Pet Diet Designer

    I finally got around to messing with Pet Diet Designer and discovered that according to the program, following Alnutrin directions leaves the recipe low in all micronutrients. Do I panic? Do I not panic? Is one of them wrong?
  11. sabrinah

    Yeast Infection On Dog Paw

    I don't know what it is about this part of California, but my dog's body doesn't like it. He's had more problems here than ever before. Now we get to deal with over-excited yeast between his poor toes on his left hind paw. Does anyone have any experience with home treatment? I don't want to go...
  12. sabrinah

    Do Your Cats Try To Steal Dog Food?

    Cookie never did this when I fed Beast Taste of the Wild, but since I've switched him to Zignature turkey, she's constantly trying to steal some! It's weird because if I get a sample bag of cat food with large pieces she won't touch it, yet dog kibble is far larger than that and she's trying to...
  13. sabrinah

    Diy Sifting Litter Box?

    I have a top entry litter box (this one: ) and I'm not looking to change it. It keeps my dog from eating cat poop and gives my cat extra privacy. I've become thoroughly unimpressed with clay litter and I have an incredibly tight budget, so I've been switching slowly to pine pellets. I'm using...
  14. sabrinah

    Accessorizing A Bridesmaid Dress

    I need the advice from everyone that has a sense for fashion, unlike myself. My brother's wedding is in a month and I'm a bridesmaid. The dress is champagne (far more gold than the picture shows) and the shoes the bride chose are a dark champagne, but with a mix of brown and holographic (I'm...
  15. sabrinah

    Getting Charged By Dogs

    What are your experiences getting charged by dogs? What's your absolute worst experience? How did you handle it? I walk Beast (my dog) every single night, so we've encountered many, many dogs. I try to avoid them if I can, but sometimes I don't see them soon enough or there's just no other...
  16. sabrinah

    Getting Meat From A Butcher

    Since I live in farm country you would think it's easy to find a place to get good, inexpensive meat (besides Safeway sales) for making cat food, but no. All the fruit/lumber/meat is exported out :( My first choice was straight from the farm, but the places that offer that are insanely...
  17. sabrinah

    Low Fodmap Diet?

    Have any of you been told to do the Low FODMAP diet by your doctor? How did you survive it? Was it expensive? The only things I have in the house that fit in the diet are peanut butter, bananas, and broccoli. Of course, I currently have a buttload of cherries, peaches, nectarines, and homemade...
  18. sabrinah

    Kitten With Urinary Blockage

    My mom found a kitten around 2 weeks ago that was abandoned by its mother. He was skin and bones but has since doubled in weight due to her diligent feeding. From the start, he had diarrhea, usually with a little blood in it. He has been drastically behind in development compared to the other...
  19. sabrinah

    Diy Soundproof Crate?

    Fireworks suck. My dog hates them and spends the entire night tucked away in the quietest closet he can find. Making him a soundproof area would be nice instead of having him kick half my shoes out and pull shirts off hangers. Since I'll be moving a couple times in the next few years, portable...
  20. sabrinah

    Itchy Dog Ear

    For years now my dog has had one ear that bugs him. He holds it at an angle and scratches at it incessantly when it bugs him. The amount of time it bugs him for isn't consistent at all. Sometimes it's a few minutes every day for a week then nothing for a month, it could be for hours, it could be...