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    43 cats spayed/neutered at today's feral cat clinic

    It was a really great day..we only had 3 vets (one had to leave early) but we only had 1 pregnant cat and around 18 kittens. It's always great to get these kittens spayed/neutered. That is 43 fewer breeding cats. Katie
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    Alley Cat Allies Announces October Date for Northern Virginia Feral Cat Spay/Neuter

    Alley Cat Allies Announces October Date for Northern Virginia Feral Cat Spay/Neuter Clinic August 20, 2007 : 7:01 PM The clinics offer no-cost spay/neuter for cats and vaccinations by appointment only. Alley Cat Allies Announces October Dates for Northern Virginia Feral Cat Spay/Neuter Clinic...
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    71 cats/kittens fixed at today's ACA clinic

    It was a very good day....6 vets..we were done by 3 PM. Only had 2 pregnant females, several females though were lactating and we had around 10 kittens. So far, we have spayed/neutered around 1,000 cats/kittens since concentrating on Fairfax County only. Hopefully this number will mean that...
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    Animal Population Control - 2008 Feral Cat Grant Program-CT

    The Connecticut Department of Agriculture introduced in fiscal year 2007, a new grant program to provide up to $40,000 in vaccination/sterilization benefits for feral cats. The inception of this program was due largely to the success of the agencyâ€8482s Animal Population Control Program...
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    Men...true or not true....article from Men's Health

    Ok, so I found this interesting given some of the discussions from this board recently...would love to know if the men on this board agree with the author: What Makes Men Fall in Love? Judging from the kind of mail we get at Men's Health from men seeking relationship advice, I can tell you...
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    Any poets on this to share your poetry??

    Ok...I admit...I'm really critical of my own work. It's never polished and I always feel at the end that I am not very putting this out there is a HUGE thing for me. For anyone else who writes their feelings into poems....please feel free to add yours. Obviously, please keep them...
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    53 cats/spayed/neutered at the ACA clinic

    We had 2 vets (the clinic was almost cancelled) and were expecting around 35 cats. Amazingly, these 2 vets spayed/neutered all the cats in 5 1/2 hours. Fortunately, there were only around 8 pregnant cats and lots of kittens. Katie
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    The tragedy of the cat overpopulation

    These are the euthanization %s for shelters in Virginia that euthanized 76%-100% of dogs or cats or both in 2006. This isn't even a complete list as many shelters haven't reported their numbers yet but as you can see, even with what has been reported, it is incredibly sad: 2006 Alleghany...
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    Midwest Cat Advocacy Seminar

    Midwest Cat Advocacy Seminar Sponsored by Alley Cat Allies Dates: April 13-14, 2007 Location: The Anti-Cruelty Society 157 W. Grand Ave. Chicago, IL 60610 312-644-8338 Only $25 to Attend! Join Alley Cat Allies and other experts from across...
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    China: More than 400 cats saved...can you help them.

    Warning..there is information contained in the links that may disturb some individuals:,00.html
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    Virginia shelters in "Red" status for 2006

    Below is the list so far of shelters that reported euthanizing 76%-100% of dogs or cats or both: Alleghany Humane Society, Inc Buchanan County Animal Shelter Caroline County Animal Shelter Charles City County Animal Control Cumberland County Animal Pound Danville Humane Society Dickenson...
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    Catsnip TNR Event February 2-3, 2007 in Philly

    The manager of a feral cat colony at Pier 70 in South Philadelphia, and the founder of a new non-profit organization called Project Catsnip, which will raise money for local rescues and provide TNR, low-cost spay/neuter, foster, and adoption services for feral and stray cats and kittens in the...
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    Pets Ltd.-Low cost spay/neuter-Fairfax Station, VA

    The leading cause of death to cats and dogs is pet overpopulation. There are not enough homes available for the many pets taken to the shelters daily. Sometimes these pets are humanely euthanized and sometimes not, depending on the animal shelter. In any case, it is wrong for a person...
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    101 cats fixed at the Alley Cat Allies clinic!!!

    Yes...that is right....101!!! It was AWESOME. We had 8 vets and were done by 3 PM. 68 of the cats were from 1 colony. I am so excited that we were able to spay/neuter so many cats ahead of the kitten season. Katie
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    Newark Veterinary Hospital-mobile clinic

    Our Weekly Schedule Sunday 10am - 6pm ... outside Petland - 167 E 125 St, NY NY Monday 10am - 6pm ... outside Petland - 250 E 188 St, NY NY Tuesday - Call for Location Wednesday - Call for location Thurdsay 10am - 6pm ... 210 Ferry St, Newark NJ - Five corners Friday - Call for Location...
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    Feral cat colonies legalized for SLC

    Salt Lake City has legalized feral cat colonies, with the goal of reducing the number of the wild animals. On Tuesday, the City Council voted unanimously to allow "cat custodians" to register colonies for an annual $5 fee. The caretakers must first prove the cats have been sterilized and...
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    Project Bay inspiring story of TNR
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    Richmond SPCA Makes Free Spay/Neuter Available to All Cat Owners

    Richmond, Va. Beginning in January, the Richmond SPCA is providing free spay/neuter surgeries to owned cats within SPCA service areas through March 31. This promotion was designed to ease cat overpopulation during the spring breeding season. All residents in Richmond, Hanover, Henrico...
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    Please help me spread the clinic in VA!!!!

    The South Central Region consists of the counties of Amherst, Appomattox, Bedford, Campbell, Halifax and Pittsylvania and the cities of Bedford, Danville and Lynchburg. South Central Spay/Neuter Clinic 29 Mortimer Drive Evington, VA 24550 434-821-4922 Female Dog $65 Male Dog $55 Female...
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    Photos from our monthly clinic BTW...that's me in the top right photo wearing the Lost Dog and Cat Rescue blue sweatshirt. Katie