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  1. Silver Crazy

    Cystitis Again

    Been feeding Blue on some commercial cat food as I haven't had time to make up some raw and within 2 days Cystitis. Really annoyed with myself not stopping and making time to make up his normal food. Just got back from the veterinary hospital and they gave me 2 boxes of urinary stress food for...
  2. Silver Crazy

    Wild Wind Day

    Think I have a bit of work ahead of me next week. Crazy wild weather. Thank God the guys driving were ok.
  3. Silver Crazy

    Known Issue Cat Quizzes dont work.

    My niece just went to play with some of the cat quizzes and just nothing..
  4. Silver Crazy

    Cats Know.

    Blue is not a touchy feely cuddly cat by any means but last 3 days have been really sick with a viral chest infection and he has been fussing on me like an old mother hen. When ever I move around he follows meowing all the time, jumps up and looks straight in my face just staring and at the...
  5. Silver Crazy

    This cat breed had me totally confused.

    Just for a bit of fun. Can you figure out what breed this cat friend sent me the pic and she had to tell me what it was. Couldnt work it out. See if you guy,s can figure it out.
  6. Silver Crazy

    Toe Snackin

  7. Silver Crazy

    Family Tree

    My niece (and I..turning into a bigger job than she thought) are putting together a photographic family tree of my cat. I have drawn a blank on finding Aladon Bengals for a pic of Pinyonpride Storm of Aladon Bengals. Any help appreciated. Thanks.
  8. Silver Crazy

    Look After Your Vets.

    Veterinarians have one of the highest rates of suicide - approximately four-times the national average (or around 1 suicide every 12 weeks). Sad statistics for a profession that only wants to help others. See the website below if you want to read up on it a bit more and understand what...
  9. Silver Crazy

    Having Fun

  10. Silver Crazy

    Shouldnt Have Laughed But I Did.

    I know we shouldn't laugh at other peoples misfortunes but I had a trio of things I saw today that every time had me howling laughing. First was a guy walking his 2 Husky dogs with his smart phone stuck in front of his face. One dog went one side of the bus stop sign and the other dog the...
  11. Silver Crazy

    Found His Stash

    I have been wondering where things have been disappearing to. Even found a pair of socks...running out of ones with no holes...and a silver chain necklace and it isn't mine. :headscratch: Think I am going to have to watch this cat..or train him up to get better
  12. Silver Crazy

    Forgot His Birthday

    Blue turned 4 years old 24th of last month..thought it was this month...this year has gone way to quick.:doh2: Anyway in the last 10 months he has come a long way from the angry, mistrusting cat he was, to my best loyal friend.
  13. Silver Crazy

    Good Cat..Lucky me

    Pulled open the blind over the sliding glass door to go and take the trash out and go get some milk and the cat trying to be the first out the door suddenly recoiled and spat. Looked down and there was a foot long brown snake coiled up on the black rubber mat outside the door. Rained heavily...
  14. Silver Crazy

    Silly Things You Do When Distracted

    Rushing to cook dinner before going wedged against ear discussing important car stuff with racing buddy...watching the cat out of corner of my eye as he is trying out the top of the fridge as a launching pad to the top kitchen shelves, I decided a Bourbon and Coke would be nice...
  15. Silver Crazy


    I was taking pictures of Blue playing with a pen and he was attacking it and he pounced too hard and the pen whacked him in the nose..I laughed and he went into a big sulk and stalked off into the bedroom in a huff..cats hate you laughing at them..really hurts their Lucky to get...
  16. Silver Crazy

    What Do You Think This Is?

    I had some marmalade and toast for breakfast this morning and chewing away I bit down on this. Not sure whether came from the bread or marmalade. Looks like a combing bit or tip is hard and sharp..glad didn't swallow it!!
  17. Silver Crazy

    Photo Fails

    Ever had the perfect expression on your cats face..the perfect shot..and when you view it .well its not quite right. Seems to make up 70% of all photos I do. Any of you got some good/bad ones you aren't embarrassed to show??? :D Here's one of Blue that I thought was a great picture until i...
  18. Silver Crazy


    I have been very time poor over last 2 months with work shifting premises and racing season starting up and have been feeding cat on canned food (quality stuff they say). This morning I finally made him up a batch of raw and when I was dicing up some liver and kidney he went crazy over...
  19. Silver Crazy

    Morning Walk With The Baby Swans

    Ever had the feeling you being followed??