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    Curious about toy aggression?

    Coby my 1.5yo neutered male is crazy about this toy that came with the cat wheel from One Fast Cat. My mom spent $20 just on the toy and laser pointer and I would have stopped her but I'm kind of glad she did. The toy is a fuzzy mouse thing with leather strings on the end (photo). Coby recently...
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    Cat licking things help

    Hi all. My cat Mochi is a spayed 2yo and 1/8 cats in the home. She was bottle fed at 3-4 weeks by my mom and I. She started doing this weird behavior of licking the couch or wall for like 5 mins straight. My previous cat Star who died of lymph node or lung cancer had developed the same habit a...
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    Baobao making biscuits

    Baobao/meatball/marble She's not usually a biscuit maker but she picked the wrong spot this time lol :flail:
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    Cat ate string help?

    Autumn was fostered by my mom and I at 4 weeks with 3 of her siblings, 2 passed - one from FIP. I call her Audumdum lol and she was always scared of people including my mom and I but she LOVES other cats and tries to be friends with them. The one time she actually wanted to be loved was after a...
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    Remembering Jaguar

    We adopted Jaguar at 10 weeks old in 2005 when I was 9yo. We lived with a family friend and Jaguar scratched at his door carpet trying to get in so he lived in the basement. I remember Jaguar would meow at like 4am and I snuck treats upstairs for him. I would fill my water bottle cap with water...
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    Moving with multiple cats?

    Hi there! My mom and I are planning on moving in 2-3 years but I’ll probably forget about this question lol. Is there a certain way to move with multiple cats? We have 8 cats and kittens right now and we’re planning on moving 1-3 hours away. We’re going to take our time so we’re not going to...
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    Last night er vet visit

    Hi all... i don’t know what to say. I went to the vet er last night because my baby girl was lethargic, had a fever on Thursday, and was limping. She’s only 9 months old. The vet said that she has a heart murmur but it might be from being at the vet. She was saying maybe cancer but she’s young...
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    Luna's litter box problem

    Hi. I don't know where to begin. Luna is a 3/4 yr old scaredy cat that I saved from a bad situation. My ex-friend's friend's family was renting out one small room (5 family members) and he decided to add a kitten to that situation. Luna had problems pooping on the stair carpet, my mom was done...
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    8 month old less playful

    Hi! That is Marble but we've been calling her meatball. We fostered her at 4 weeks with her sister then adopted both. Marble is currently 9-10 lbs so she's overweight for her age. We've been comparing her to her sister who is a perfect weight, playful, and crazy. But now Marble is eating less...
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    Growth on paw pad toes

    Hi! I’ve attached pictures of Mochi’s toe and there’s a growth on it. Do you think I can do something about it? She didn’t seem bothered by it.