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    Egg product causing diarrhea?

    After doing a bit of research after a thread started regarding diarrhea I figured out all the foods that caused looser stool or diarrhea in my cats had egg product. Just thought I'd throw that out there.
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    Furry side up or down?

    My neutered cat will do the dance of love by himself as he stares at my female cat when the cat bed is furry side up but won't when the furry side is down. I've never seen him do this dance anywhere else. So should I keep the furry side up and let him get his groove on or keep the furry side...
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    Only Friskies Pate Or Only Dr. Elsey's Dry?

    Just curious.
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    Chin Acne Poll

    I've been dealing with a couple of cats with chin acne, I never used plastic bowls or plates. One of my cats cleared up after using vetericyn, the other doesn't seem to be responding, I've tried all the recommended treatments but most seem to aggrevate it. What works best for you? Right now...