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    Light VS regular Chicken Soup question

    I tried to switch my cats from Felidae to Chicken Soup since the latter is available locally. They have been on it for a while now but several of the cats stools still seem much looser than I would like and are discolored- same result some of my sister's cats had on it. But when my husband...
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    Anyone tried this Puppy Gate?

    Has anyone tried this? I like how it installs and also like that it also swings open and has access for the cats…but before buying Iâ€8482d like to know if anyone else has it so I know how well it holds up. The last gate we purchased was...
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    Question on deworming

    I brought in a fecal today for an abandoned cat we decided to take in and they said he has hook worms and tape worms. I was given two different medications- five days of Panacur and one day of Praziquantel (actual brand name not on vial) and told I would not need to repeat this in two weeks. I...