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  1. Jackmcbob

    Bengal or not?

    Hi, do y’all think she is Bengal or not, obviously I know with ancestors and registration she is DSH, so I don’t need to be getting told thatbut it terms of look alike. We were told by the vet she looks like a Bengal and I’ve seen bengals before and she’s very similar her patterns are rather...
  2. Jackmcbob

    Worried about momma

    I recently adopted a female cat which turned out to be pregnant as she’d been stray. She gave birth to her kittens about 4-5 weeks ago. The kittens are slowly weaning off momma and only eating a tiny bit of food most comes from momma. The problem is she really doesn’t want to feed them and will...
  3. Jackmcbob

    What color coat is my cat?

    Hi I was wondering if you anyone could help determine my cats coat color? I’m pretty sure he’s shaded silver or chinchilla. I have searched about both and the images I came across showed them looking virtually the same to my eye. Here are a few pictures. It’s harder to notice in the pictures...
  4. Jackmcbob

    Meow 😺

    Hi, just joined this site after reading through posts as a guest and found them very interesting and helpful. I love my cats and have many of them. Our latest additions that we recently added to our family earlier this week was snowball ❄️ and sunshine ☀️. Meet snowball, who's so friendly...