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    It has been a while since I shared photos. Time to fix that, so here are a few of Count's recent photos. MANE Coon Enjoying the high window I'm not allowed to get up when he's sleeping STILL overheating my computer And a guest appearance from a scared Leo (cousins cat)
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    Count & Birds

    Count usually just watches birds without attacking making all sorts of cute sounds. Not this time...
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    Count's "beard"

    Look closely. There are some white hairs in between the black ones. They look like a beard.
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    Count's Tail

    Count definitely has a long tail. Here is my not-so-scientific measurement of his tail using his scratching post as reference. (I wish he let me measure it properly) Considering the fur length at the bottom, where the tail actually starts at the top and the room for error, his tail is probably...
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    Kitten Drinking Water With Paws

    Just found this old video of my cousins cat Leo drinking water with his paws.
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    Count's Weird Habits

    Just wanted to share two odd habits of my cat Count. I have no idea why he does either one of these. 1. He goes and hides under a table, between my legs, or in his carrier, and waits for me to bend down a bit so my head is close to him. Then he suddenly trills and jumps at my face and lightly...
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    Count was sleeping on my lap when I noticed some different colored hair above his eye. Looks like eyebrows. Idk If they are actually eyebrows or just a random patch of guard hair but it looks funny lol. (It is not "eyebrow whiskers". They are above these eyebrows, out of frame.)
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    Should I Get A Second Cat?

    I know this question has been asked many times before, but I wanted to ask for my case. I have one 8 month old neutered male maine coon cat named Count. The reason I want a second cat is because I get the feeling that Count gets bored often, runs around like a lunatic and out of boredom he...
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    Cat Running Out Of Litter Box When He Has Diarrhea

    This has been a problem for a while, but today was the worst case of this so far. Count, whenever he is playful, just dashes out of his litter box after pooping, or just digging for fun. It is a habit of his, independent to diarrhea. Usually, other than some tracked litter, this isn't a problem...
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    Finding A Good Balance Of Wet/dry For 7 Mo Kitten

    I looked at a lot of threads about this topic here and what I realized is a) wet food is really expensive here b) we don't have a great variety. I want to feed Count with the best possible food but I have to keep my cat food budget under control. With a all wet diet, depending on the brand, I...
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    Cat Supplement That Claims To Do Everything

    I was browsing for some malt paste and saw this thing. It claims that if you give it to your cat for a month, it helps your cat in a number of ways. Apparently it supports the immune system, improves liver functions, helps with indigestion and improves bowel flora, it is an antioxidant and...
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    A Few More Pictures Of Count

  14. Count

    Unusual Cat Tail Expression

    This is just something I am curious about, but I am pretty sure it means the cat is happy. When Count is happy his tail is usually like A, but occasionally he holds it like B for 30 seconds or so. He changes posture whenever he sees my phone so I am unable to take a picture but is is basically...
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    Count Playing Fetch

    Just another video of Count. This time we are playing fetch. (Which lasted over 2 hours!)
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    What Is This Hair?

    I am not sure if this is the correct forum topic to ask this question but I am curious about something. Count was half white when he was a little kitten. Eventually he became just black and brown and the white mostly went away. On his belly he had 4-5 strands of white hair but that was about...
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    Diarrhea And Vomiting

    Hello everybody. My cousin's cat Leo has been sick for aver a week now. It seems bad luck doesn't leave our bloodline :(. (Count was sick before) Unfortunately I don't have all the details, so I don't know how much asking here will help us, but I will share all I know. On Feb 24 Leo was here...
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    Just A Few Minutes Of Count Acting Like A Lunatic (as Usual)

    It's funny how cats can turn from this: to this in seconds:
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    Schesir Kitten Food With Aloe?

    I was shopping for a canned kitten food for Count. I came across this Schesir brand food with aloe in it. (Kitten Chicken fillets with Aloe) According to ASPCA aloe is poisonous to cats, but Schesir is a reputable brand. What do you think? Would you give your kitten this?