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    problem with your cat peeing then read this

    I hold my hands up high I have had trouble with a cat peeing and pooing in places it should"nt be one little riddick started that but as soon as it started I stopped it how well heres how cats dont like certain smells using pepper lemons which people say use DOES NOT WORK I have oils that...
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    this is a good site but

    this is a good site but there is no chat room where we can type and reply to have normal sort of talk to one another but then we would never get of the computer it will stuck on our finger tips I also go on k9 community site and both sites could learn a thing or two about each others site set...
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    who has the crazyest kittens or cats?

    I have five cats and for some reason this question pops into head which one of my cats are crazy? so I"ve been watching them and do you know all of mine are nutters and sound like thunder when playing around I know of quite a few things they have done to make me lol one of my cats was having...
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    cat talk

    I"ve been around cats for a long time, and I can get my cats and the young babys to come to one pretty sound and useing the letter E let me explain: I have three kittens and two cats the kittens are of different litters 15,12,9 weeks of age the two youngest where very wild so having the...
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    from pudsey to riddick5r44444t/****************

    Our pudsey how I miss her still the purr that greeted me every morning for breakfast the cuddles I got Pudsey when she was eight weeks old back in 1989 and sadly this year she was put to sleep as she fell ill with stomach cancer at the age of 16 and a half yrs old 27/02/2006...
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    I"m lost

    or what I did a new thread early on to day called make me laugh because I"ve had two bad days as some poor owner out there needs closure and all I"ve done print out flyers to put up the RSPCA well no answer so I"ve had a few moments as I phoned the vet to see If the cat was chipped is was not s...
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    Hello I"m new

    Hello I"m Valkerie. I have been around animals all my life I have two cats and three kittens and two dog and I them all to pieces as I got older I got more and more into animals I have done rescue work given advice but the one thing I loved most was cats that had wild...
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    found cat in five oak green kent britain

    today sunday the 24 september 2006 a black and white cat was found by fisherman in the five oak green near paddock wood early sunday morning and taken into paddock wood TO GET MORE DETAILS PLEASE PHONE PUTLANDS VETERINARY SURGERY MAIDSTONE ROAD TEL:01892 835456