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    OK, there's a girl trying to convince me that there's a breed who's called "greycat". The breed called "greycat" is supposed to be the British Shorthair. I don't really believe her since I've never heard of this nick name. No one of the British Shorthair breeders I know have ever heard about...
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    Help finding name for particular birthing device needed

    I have friend wh's trying to buy some useful devices for future kitten deliveries. One of the things she's trying to find in big pack is this device: It's used to suck mucous from newborn kittens airways,wWe call them "mucous suction devices" and there are no problems finding them here in...
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    My hubbies are 5 weeks old now

    I can't keep them from you any longer. My third litter: Dario: Tenebre: Rosso: Three lovely boys.
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    "Chronic" tummy problems

    So I have some questions about tummy problems. I know of someone who bought a male kitten a few months ago and this kitten imidiately developed diarrhea. Not due to food change since it was given the same food in the new home as it was fed at the breeders. The diarrhea doesn't go away after...
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    Alternative to salmon oil?

    I have a Devon Rex female who used to shed a lot, it started this spring. This changed when I started to feed her salmon oil. It only took 4-5 days for the oil to make the coat shed less. Obviously it's the Omega 3 fatty acids she need. The problem is that she hates salmon oil and other fish...
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    Question to other breeders

    Background: "My" cat association is planning to add a new rule that forbids members to spay/neuter their cats early. Now, I thinks it's madness. No, I don't spay/neuter early, but I don't think it's my associations decision to make, it's my and my vets decision, nobody elses. This new rule might...
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    Herpes management in a cattery

    I don't have any experience of Herpes. It's been a quite unusual disease here in Sweden, but it's becoming more and more usual. I wanna know how you who have had or have an ongoing Herpes outbreak in your cattery have handled it. Is it possible to keep affected cats and continue breeding them...
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    Early spay/neuter

    I'm a Swedish breeder and early neutering/spaying isn't common practise here, yet. Until just recentlt Swedish breeders (registred FIFÃ169-breeders) had the possibility to place their kittens in a reserve register, meaning offspring couldn't be registred after those cats unless the breeder chose...