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  1. Danneq

    Just Got A 6yr old Male Need advice.

    The rule of thumb I've always been told is that you should keep a cat in one room when you first get them (as in, with the door closed) and to increase how much room they have once they seem comfortable (go from one room to a hallway, then add another room, that sort of thing). Having so much...
  2. Danneq

    New Adopted Cat

    1) You have a new cat and you didn't post pics?! Objection! 2) Need more details. How old is she? What's her enrichment like? Do you play with her, take her outside? Are there other animals in the house or immediately outside the house that could be causing stress? What time of day does she...
  3. Danneq

    Awkward Photos

    Here's Jackie, in the middle of a power ballad solo yawn.
  4. Danneq

    Randomly won’t use litterbox

    Ideally, with three cats you should have four litterboxes (litterbox = # of cats +1). I know that's not always easy to do, though. How often do you change the litter? There's a number of reasons cats might stop using a litterbox (or go right next to them). Even though they just had a checkup...
  5. Danneq

    Maine Coon or just big boned??

    He looks like he could have some in him, but there's no way to know for sure.
  6. Danneq

    Comments on catwalking

    The closest I've come to a negative comment is someone chuckling awkwardly because they think it's weird. Most people are just delighted and curious.
  7. Danneq

    How best to give dental treat to cat.

    I'm actually in a similar situation. Most solutions don't work with our circumstances, but I was thinking about making up a batch of the stuff you add to their water and then mixing some of that water in with her food. Anyone think that would work, for me or OP, or would it not be enough to make...
  8. Danneq

    Cat Tongues Thursday!!!

    I caught her yawning. :flail:
  9. Danneq

    The Last Consonant Game

  10. Danneq

    The Last Consonant Game

  11. Danneq

    Preventing Basement Cat

    Followup: Vet trip went fine, no problems. Bloodwork is clean. But! Her ears were apparently really dirty! They cleaned them out and she is acting much more herself lately. The restlessness and loud meowing is gone. Conclusion is that it was affecting her hearing and that that is why she was...
  12. Danneq

    Preventing Basement Cat

    True, I'm probably anthropomorphizing the "bullying" a little. The house is dreadful for high spaces, and yeah, Jackie loves them while Julie tends to prefer lower down. I have advocated installing some cat shelves but, like I said, it's not my house. I'll try harder but I'm not hopeful on...
  13. Danneq

    Redirected Aggression for Cats They Can't See, But Hear

    Keeping them upstairs at night will hopefully help, and might make Feliway more feasible since you'd only need it on one floor. While it's obviously hard to dissuade her from coming 'round of she's mostly in the neighbor's yard, could you try talking to the neighbors? Maybe if you offered to...
  14. Danneq

    Preventing Basement Cat

    Mostly a lot of play fighting, occasionally with hissing. It usually starts out with them trying to groom each other's face. One will reach her paws up to hold the other one still and it devolves from there. You can separate them very easily by reaching between them, picking one up, or sometimes...
  15. Danneq

    Preventing Basement Cat

    I'm struggling to figure out what's going on with my cats and am hoping for some suggestions. Trying to keep things short and succinct, because if I ramble it'll just get confusing. 1) Jackie and Julie are constantly are a pair of sisters from the same litter, and they're always vying for...
  16. Danneq

    Question of the Day - Tuesday, September 22

    I'm tossing in with the "bugs" category. There's just so many of them. You'd hear little whispering, screeching voices everywhere. Because they're everywhere. I guess I'll say earwigs, because I am irrationally grossed out by them.
  17. Danneq

    The "what's On Your Mind?" Thread -2020

    That's the key! If negative impact on quality of life -> therapist. If no -> have fun!
  18. Danneq

    The "what's On Your Mind?" Thread -2020

    Sorry, I'm having difficulty reading tone. Is this: 1) you were being silly and I misinterpreted? or 2) you were being serious but don't think that a therapist would take you seriously? Because if 1, oops, my bad! But if 2, a good therapist will take you seriously. It literally doesn't matter...