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  1. Noahh

    Share some cat/cat-related facts that you know!

    I'll begin. "ailurophile" means "a cat lover." And "aelurophile " means "a lover of cats." Also called "felinophile," "philofelist," and "philogalist." And "Ailurophilia" means "a fondness or love of cats or other felines." While "ailurophobia" is a phobia that has to do with cats. "Extreme or...
  2. Noahh

    Explain your cat's name

    The shelter we adopted Snuggles from said his name was Snuggles because he loved snuggling. (Not true, haha) We still kept it though because it is a cute name, and surprisingly quite uncommon. Explain your cat's name!
  3. Noahh

    What is your cat's favorite thing to do?

    My cat LOVES looking out windows! What is your cat's favorite thing to do? Let me know! :)
  4. Noahh

    Does your cat sleep with you?

    I always love when my cat sleeps with me, but it seems I sorta have to trick him into by giving him treats and hoping he stays on my bed or just picking him up and putting him on it. It seems he more so enjoys his cat bed out in the hallway by my bedroom. Lastnight, though, he slept by my legs...
  5. Noahh

    Snuggles currently

    This is Snuggles currently. Being a lazy kitty: I cannot be upset with that cutie, though.
  6. Noahh

    What nicknames do you have for your cat?

    My cat's name is Snuggles, so sometimes I call him Snuggypoo, cutie pie, Snuggybaby, Snuggy, baby, etc. Haha, what are some nicknames you have for your cat? Let me know!
  7. Noahh

    Is your cat's meow deep or high?

    Sometimes, my cat's meow varies. It can be quite deep some days, and other days I am barely able to hear it come out of his mouth, haha. Tell me what your cat's meow is like!
  8. Noahh

    My cat, Snuggles

    This is my cat, Snuggles! He is a tabby kitty, born on June 18, 2018! We adopted him from a shelter in April of 2019, after my previous cat unfortunately passed away. He has definitely helped me get over that a bit. I love him so much! Also, I have a LOT of photos of him. This barely touches the...