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    My New Little Boy

    Hey everyone. I just brought this little guy home. He is 8 years old, and has spent the last three months at my local animal shelter as an owner surrender. He is warming up and getting comfortable in his new home. I know he is a blue domestic longhair, but he is so tiny, and has such tiny little...
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    Best Friends

    Kokomo is the most loving cat I've ever known. His two best buds are my dog and on of my sister's cats. They both get baths from Moker on a regular basis. They all just melt my heart so I wanted to share. And of course, feel free to add your best friends too!
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    Spots And Markings On End Of Coat

    So I posted him once before, but the talk about identifying different traits based on spots only being on the top of the coat. Oliver is a decent sized boy, weighing in at around 16 pounds, and is very muscular. Here are some pics of him. Is it normal to have marking such as spots only on the...
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    Proper Colors And Maybe Breed Influences?

    Since there are so many awesome people on here, and I have an inquisitive mind, I figured I would learn the proper colors for these guys. Disclaimer, only two of them are owned by me, the rest belong to various family members. None of them have papers, so I know they are all DSH or DLH, but I...
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    Any Ideas?

    I wanted to get people's thoughts on my boy. He is still getting his molars, and working on all his adult teeth, so at best guess he is around 4-6 months. He is already just over 11 pounds, and doesn't seem to be slowing down in the growth department. He has rather over-sized ears and paws, with...