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  1. cinqchats

    Cheap/easily washable beds for a pee monster

    Gizmo-sama is my wobbly, anxious, peeing outside the box monster. Any suggestions for cheap and easily washable beds for him? (Yes, he has been to the vet many, many times. He's handicapped, has been through many owners, has anxiety issues, and some genius had him declawed at some point. Right...
  2. cinqchats

    3rd Degree AV Block

    Mr. Squiggles went to the emergency vet for neurological problems today, and was transferred to the local university veterinary school emergency clinic. He is undergoing basic tests tonight and is staying until tomorrow morning to see the neurologic department right away. His blood work and...
  3. cinqchats

    Cat acts like hyperthyroid, but tests have come back negative?

    Hello all, I adopted a 12 year old DSH, spayed female, back in June of this year. I work for a humane society and learned that according to their test she was hyperthyroid. She was slated for euthanasia but I took her in because she was so friendly and cute. Since then she's been tested twice...