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    Chicagoland - pickup HT Chicken ?

    One of my kitty is currently on Turkey only diet. I have HT chicken - 1 * 5lb of boneless chicken ground, 2 * 2 lb of bonelss chicken cubes, and bonus 2lb chicken feet (this one, I opened package to take a look). Does anyone in Chicagoland want to come pick these up? My freezer space is...

    Raw Kitty Vomit, Then Doing Fine With Canned?

    Hi, first time posting! I live with two domestic short hair kitties, 9.5 years old, female, from same littler. They are on modified Dr.Pierson's recipe almost two years. Modified means - (1) I buy ground from Hare Today instead of grinding myself, (2) I use different kind of proteins...