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  1. cat112233

    Cat Collar Sizes

    I want to get my cat a collar, but I had no idea there were so many sizes. I tried measuring his neck but I keep getting different measurements. He is a 3 1/2 year old american short hair. He is about 15 lbs, but he is not fat. Even the vet says he is a "good weight for such a solid cat."  I...
  2. cat112233

    Need Advice!

    I took in a stray about a year ago. Kitty is a beautiful, all black cat, and I just fell in love with him immediately. He was about 2 when he started coming around, and is 3 1/2 now. He has had all his shots and I give him flea medicine every month. I would love for him to be an indoor cat, but...
  3. cat112233

    Possible Eye Infection of a new stray. Need immediate advice!

    I know this is not full proof, but can anyone tell me if this looks like an eye infection. There is a cat that I have never seen before that started hanging around my house lastnight. I already have 1 cat I took in, and I dont want him to catch anything. I also dont want this cat to suffer if he...
  4. cat112233

    1st Time Cat Owner

    Hi everyone! I am a 1st time cat owner and like most cat owners I have met, I too was adopted by my cat. Kitty is a 3 1/2 year old, 15lb, American Shorthair. He is a beautiful cat, who is sweet, gentle, and has a personality as large as life itself!   He is all black and has gorgeous...