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    My Cat Is Gay And He Mothers The Kitten

    I don't mind him being gay but neighbours are not happy
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    BB8 who are you voting for Tracey or Charley?!

    yes i know it belongs in the bb8 thread but i didnt want it to get lost and i would really love to know what the opinions are out there of TCS personally I want to see Tracey go.In theory I cant stand the evil demon child Charley,but she is as they say entertainment...
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    Is this labour!?very worried!!

    Puffin is pregnant and im not sure when as we took her in.Im very concerned. But Im pretty sure its imminent. She is as big as PS Kitten was during the time. Right now she is displaying similar signs.she wont let me leave room,she is mewing periodically,crying out but does not look in pain,she...
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    second life!

    I searched and searched to see if there were any posts about second life.couldnt find any.I just wondered who ou TCS is into it.Are you new or have you been there since the begining? Perhaps there is a cat world in there already
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    ok ridiculous IPOD question Please help

    ok im so dumb i lost the instructions to my ipod mini which i only use for travelling-since moving from the teenage yrs a whil ago it happened naturally.anyway this is so so stupid but how once it is on do i turn it off-obviously for flight regulations but also if i dont carry the laptop then i...
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    BB Whos following it??

    missed it for 2 wks and now ive come back its sooo boring but i still think that charley is one evil little b....
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    hows everyone doing with the UK smoking ban??

    Bit strange been away for 2wks so i missed the hype I went to a pub and automatically lit one up,completely forgetting the ban.this guy taps me on the shoulder, im like"what?" and he pointed to the smoking stick.the whole pub burst out laughing as i ran out red faced. i didnt get a fine as Im...
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    stupid question but here goes-my cat is eating weirdly

    Hope everyone is well My cat has lately taken to removing food from her bowl,taking it to another location and once setting it down, eating it. I thought it was to do with the kittens.They have seperate bowls and are now in seperate rooms for their dinner. Any idea why she is doing this still...
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    I dont believe this,this is so not funny,its untrue.Help!!

    why do these things happen.I have people coming over shortly to visit the kittens so I thought I would put fresh litter and throw out the old.Course I grabbed a bag as you do,poured in the smelly stuff. the bag had a HOLE in it.Litter all over the floor-#@### okay grab the hoover which starts...
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    Has anyone seen this?SUICIDE KITTENS

    Not as ominous as this sounds but check out [][/url] they are kitten puppets Its so cute and I really want to get some
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    My reign is complete-Princess snow kitten I rule over everyone!CACKLE!!

    Evil thoughts being plotted and hatched You will do as I SAY, or else!! HA HA Im such a clever yet evil princess cat.I must contemplate my work
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    By the way.Is anyone watching animal addicts right now??!!

    Animal addicts on ch4. If you miss it you maybe able to 4OD it.Its crazy and shocking
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    Do you think Im Hansome?practicing to be a vogue kitten!

    See I can pose My other side Come here and take MY picture I come
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    Strike a pose CUTE BABY KITTENS!!!

    and here are the little rascals helping with the laundry where'd the others go??! Twizzle face posing,again
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    can anyone shed light on the following please

    as some of you will know i had posted recently about this.Anyway i feel totally in dispair.My partner and me have been together about 2.5yrs.We havent been getting on at all and its been really horrible here.he has been saying since jan he would leave and finally this week he said he would leave...
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    the fluffy rabbit has been sprayed with cat nip

    Princess snow kittens favourite toy.I sprayed it with a £6 bottle of cat nip i excitedly bought today and she is now running away from it like im tring to kill her with poison.Then she gave me some very evil looks...anyone want this bottle?
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    Does anyone know what might happen to a hernia kitten?!

    I posted something similar a while ago,but anyway here goes.I placed a deposit on a lovely little kitten who i will be picking up in the future.She had a hernia and was operated on and has now had a secomd operation. Anyway i was talking with someone-not from a forum who's relatives cat had a...
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    Kitten sulking over dinner

    I was feeding PS Kitten her kitten food as she is nursing.after she finished I suddenly notice one of the kittens eating it-fantastic i thought because they are 5 weeks and its good they are i put som on my fingers and they eventually all started gobbling it up-yum.they loved it!! I...
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    help/advice re weaning

    Hi all on this sunny early evening. the kittens are now just over 5 weeks.They are not interested in kitten food at all and are happy to feed from mum,which is fine but I have heard conflicting info as to wherther I should be starting to wean them now-as in a bit of kitten food and also having...
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    Cute Fur paws on a sheep skin

    I am a princess in the making...