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    How Did Your Male Cat's Personality Change After Neutering?

    I didn't notice much of a change when one of mine was neutered (the other having been neutered before I saw him for the first time). They both grew more affectionate as time went on.
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    Someday I will learn to...

    I don't have a problem with mine trying to use the box while I'm cleaning, but within 15 seconds of my having cleaned the box, there's a cat digging in it. I can see them peering around the corners to see when I'm done.
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    What Breed Could My Cat Be?

    I noticed the thumbs too. Does she have extra toes? If so, in addition she's a polydactyl cat!
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    Belly wound

    It probably itches, and she doesn't know enough to leave it alone. 10 days or so should give it time to heal. That's how long they usually say for a spay incision. Do confirm with the vet, though. As an alternative to the cone, maybe you could use a large sweat sock as a onesie for her?
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    The age old debate about letting your cat out

    Sounds like a situation I had. When I still lived at home, we had a fixed tom that always got the short end of the stick in fights. He'd come home with parts missing or with a wound that would close up, requiring a tube put in to drain the wound. Mom and dad put him out all night and had a...
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    Just Lounging

    Theodore has a face that could make you some internet money! There's a dearth of "scowly" internet cats these days what with the demise of both Grumpy Cat and Lil Bub this year. You should market him! Wish I knew exactly how to do it...
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    A Meow Meow Gif A Day Keeps The Woof Woof Away

    There's hope for the poster over on the "behavior" forum who's trying to teach her cat to turn out the lights!
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    Autoimmune disease. To treat based on numbers or leave alone?

    The internal bleeding in the gut over a long time is what gave me the anemia. I had been diagnosed with anemia off and on for years before the doctors were able to put a finger on it. Anemia hasn't been a problem since they got on top of the ITP. Only had to take one med (don't remember what...
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    Autoimmune disease. To treat based on numbers or leave alone?

    300k to 10k in a day seems an awful wide swing. I wouldn't think a mammal body could do that. Mine change only very slowly. I would question the accuracy of the tests. Do you have any references that say the platelet count can swing that fast? Maybe it's just that cats are so small compared...
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    The age old debate about letting your cat out

    I had too many flat kitties when I was younger. I keep them inside now. They get along just fine indoors.
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    Autoimmune disease. To treat based on numbers or leave alone?

    I responded to earlier threads about Morton. My own ITP got better on its own without having to resort to steroids, but I still have to watch my platelet count (seems to be holding almost asymptomatically about 45,000). If Mort is like me, he won't feel anything. ITP doesn't hurt, so that's...
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    My cat trained me!? Odd things our cats do!!

    Chesterfield wants to lie on the couch behind my bent knees, only on my left side, and wearing jeans only. Doesn't like to sit against my skin if I'm wearing shorts (although he seems to tolerate sitting on a blanket more, lately). He won't lie on his right side either, only wants to lie on...
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    Should I Take Off The E-collar

    Never had to use a collar with any of my cats. They all healed up just fine without bothering the sutures or glue. I did try and keep them calm, as best I could.
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    Winter sleeping box w/ space blanket?

    Got one of those cat sleep mats with the Mylar sewn inside. Cats won't lay on it, although they like the tags and drag the mat around the room by the hanging loop on one end. Will see how they do once the novelty wears off, but I'm not holding my breath. Cats!! At least it wasn't that...
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    Kitten with constantly dilated pupils?

    My Meep had this too when she was little. She gradually grew out of it, and the vet didn't remark about it at any of her visits. I had read that permanently-dilated eyes are one sign of high blood pressure, which she doesn't have. I just attributed it to being an especially interested and...
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    post funny picture and memes here

    "Cats Love It!" Sure they do... I can imagine my cats in this. They'd probably be dragging it walking around backwards in order to get it off
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    Winter sleeping box w/ space blanket?

    I read that on the "sweater" post. I think I'll try one of those! Thanx!
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    Winter sleeping box w/ space blanket?

    What with the thread about sweaters for cats, has anybody made up a sleeping box for their cats, lined with one of those Mylar space blankets? Seems the cats would like it, as the blanket is highly reflective of body heat. The combination of a corrugated cardboard box with a warm place to hang...
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    Survey: What color eyes does your cat have?

    Sir Eats-A-Lot and Chesterfield both have green eyes; Meep has yellow eyes.
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    Cat Presents

    I bought mine a pot of catnip for a "salad."