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  1. Rose12

    Heart re-broken - losing my cat all over again

    So sorry if this is in the wrong thread area, I wasn't sure. I had to give up my cat on the 28th of July this year for a number of reasons and with the support of this site, I did (to an excellent, verified no-kill shelter). I was extremely devastated but I still knew it was the best decision...
  2. Rose12

    Waiting Until End Of Summer To Decide To Rehome Or Not - Thoughts?

    Hi everyone. It has been another long day. I made an older post about my cat’s behaviour problem, where she has been peeing and pooping both inside and outside of the box, at random, at any part of the home, at any hour of the day or night, ever since we got her, 5 years ago as a kitten. On and...
  3. Rose12

    Exhausted And Feel Like Giving Up - What To Do?

    Hi everyone, new here. Not sure where to start, but I’ve always loved cats! As a kid I’d bring home random ones, feed them, and wanted nothing more than to own one. My mom never allowed me, but finally when I started college and was gong through depression, she let me. As soon as she said yes, I...