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    You have been chossen for the spotlight of the week. After your week is over you may chose someone for his or her spotlight. 1) Where Were You Born? 2) What kind of music do you like. 3) What actor/actress do you have a thing for?
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    Cutness warning! Video of baby kittens!!!

    Sorry if it's alittle too long. I got carried away. Thank you for looking Jenn
  3. tjwharton24

    Video clip of Azellas babies!**

    here is a video of the babies that my husband and I took yesterday Jenn
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    Atemus Cat food

    does anyone use this? is it good food? bad? would you reccommend this? jenn
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    Adobe suite

    I just received from a friend,Adobe suite. I am wanting to try out siggy's and have only got as far as cutting the pic out. I have already went to this website. i guess i'm that photoshop dumb. I need adobe photoshop for dummies. Can anyone...
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    Is this a real Bengal?

    I was web searching and i came across this. Is this a real Bengal? is there such a thing as all black? Shadow- Melanistic-Solid black Bengal male-2 years old. Jenn
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    Blood discharge

    There is a bloody discharge coming from the kittens rear here's a pic Have any ideas? Jenn
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    Kitten growth chart?

    Where is the growth chart on baby kits? I want to show to the kids. i cannot find it
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    She is home

    Just wanted to let everyone know that Maggie is home. OMgoodness I am in love- she is a lovable purring chattering Kitty. I had no idea how different her personality and body build would be from a regular Cat. She is perfect. here are pics. I also wanted to let you know that the night we got...
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    O.k. there is a baby crying nonstop. Azella keeps coming to me meowing. So i follow her in my room she jumps in the playpen. the baby goes towards her then she jumps out. I sat down on the bed , she can still see me. she then jumps back in. then i move out of her site(Laydown) she jumps back...
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    Azella's babies

    Pics of Azella's babies Sorry it took so long to put pics up. i was wicked tired from the long drive roundtrip to North Carolina. We woke up Saturday morning at 3:30 am got on the road at 5. got to North carolina at 11:00. drove back home to Ga got home at 8:45. Went to bed at 11:45 woke up...
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    Azellas in labour YAY!

    Azella just woke me up... she's in labour... She jumped up on my bed loving on me ,woke me up I noticed my arm wet heard her panting... get back to you have to record
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    You have got to see these pics

    Look how big she got in 2 days huge. I went to pick up my Bengal today in North Carolina. I left Azella home all day. When i got home this is what i did for an hour... Rubbed her belly. check out the pics.. . All the kittys are lined up underneath the belly. I noticed when i arrived home. Jenn
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    Pics of Maggie

    Thank you Nial and Teri for the new pictures, I love them. This is my New Bengal Maggie. I bet all of you are getting sick of me showing her off. Isn't she gorgeous.. Jenn
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    Azella and me

    where is the post on pics taken with your cat? anyway this is Azella and me. Jenn P.s. I'm in the middle of Renovating. yes i know there paint on my fireplace.
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    Sick and Pregnant baby

    Hi all, My pregnant cat Azella started sneezing yesterday morning and hasn't stopped. i notice some discharge coming from her eye. she is due any day now. i have to wait till tomarrow for a vet appt. we are military and they're not open til the morning. does this sound like a cold. Alittle...
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    Pregnant and sneezing

    Azella started sneezing yesterday morning and she hasn't stopped. What is this? what could it be? Just a cold? poor girl, should i take her Temp? She's very close to giving birth. it should be anyday. I took her and got all shots that she could have while pregnant done..the one they did not give...
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    Savannah and Safari's

    Does anyone own or know of someone who has a Savannah,Safari or a hybari. And what is your Opinion or thoughts about them. jenn
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    I think this is it!

    Hey guys i think this is it. Azellas folowing me around everywhere. She normally is a very quiet cat she talks mostly through her body language. she has been talking to me alot today,snooping around all day. Up Down Up Down. She jumped into her playpen this evening and layed down for a bit...
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    Which cat house do you think the cats will like better?

    I'm buying a cat tree for my cats. which one do you think would be better This one is 78' tall This one is 74' tall Thank You Jenn