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  1. MoonstoneWolf

    Just to clarify on raw

    If I'm adding raw to already canned do I need to do anything special. And does that mean I can just buy a some chicken, giblets or turkey, bring home, cut up and serve to them? Again trying to clarify because I want to add a bit to their already canned food. I'm so confused.
  2. MoonstoneWolf

    Chill Pills for Cats

    Not really chill pills but anything that I can use besides chamomile or Jackson Galaxy's stuff (let's not go there) to calm Cooper. He's more hyperactive then Treasure was and is terrorizing all the other cats.
  3. MoonstoneWolf

    Pit Bulls Running Loose

    I'm at a crossroads here and this is very serious. The Dogs are running loose, terrorizing my feral cats although the dogs are just playing. They obviously belong to someone as I saw a small boy running after them but nothing is done. Aren't dogs supposed to be kept in their own yard? I...
  4. MoonstoneWolf

    Food Puzzle Toys

    Ideas on good inexpensive ones I can get to keep Cooper busy while working with Shaman? There's too many for me to choose from. Thanks. Edited to add: Making one myself is not possible as I suffer frozen shoulder and severe nerve damage.
  5. MoonstoneWolf

    Parkland Pet Portable Foldable Playpen

    I have to be the most dense person that walked the earth but I need some assistance on putting this roof on. No one in my city offers help in this. I got it so that Shaman can go in and eat in peace without the other cats wanting to play and then let her back out. I have searched and searched...
  6. MoonstoneWolf

    Meowjuana Safe?

    I noticed Shadow eating some. I know it's ok to sniff but was wondering about the Meowjauana being ate. This is the dried stuff. I can't read all the ingredients or if it's just plain catnip. I don't want to lose more cats. :(
  7. MoonstoneWolf

    You all will get tired of my Jackson Galaxy questions

    But does this stuff suppress the appetite? I can't believe that all the cats just suddenly get sick at the same time I put the recommended drops of Peacemaker in their food. Isn't that stuff supposed to be tasteless and odorless? Or is there really something toxic in that stuff that we aren't...
  8. MoonstoneWolf

    Another Peacemaker by Jackson Galaxy Question

    I'm in panic mode. Is it normal for my cat to be sleepy after taking this? The directions state to put in food and now I'm scared I killed him. I"m in tears.
  9. MoonstoneWolf

    Jackson Galaxy's Peacemaker

    I'm a little concerned and an order just arrived. Isn't holly toxic to cats? I thought he was an expert and adding toxic plants to his stuff kind of worries me about how authentic he is. Please advise me on this. I don't want to poison them. Thanks.
  10. MoonstoneWolf

    RIP Sopdet and Treasure

    It is with the greatest sadness that I have to report that Sopdet was found and had to be euthanized due to abuse. She was caught by humans and abused. Treasure just got run over by a car looking for her. He went instantly and I"m thankful that he didn't suffer. My heart is broke at the...
  11. MoonstoneWolf

    How Long Can A Cat Go Without Eating

    I have a very badly injured Treasure who wandered back into the bushes that are dangerous to humans and he hasn't ate since yesterday morning. I won't even be home today. I don't know what to do. I'm crying over this situation. Edited to add: He just hobbled back to eat but knowing...
  12. MoonstoneWolf

    Best Toy for Cat Who loves Belly Rubs

    Yes you read that correctly? I have a cat that loves to get his belly rubbed but I can't be doing it 24/7 as he wants. Last time I tried to comply with his wish I almost got ganged up on by a gaze of raccoons. None of the cats are into catnip but this one loves to get a belly rub.
  13. MoonstoneWolf

    Guard Cat

    Treasure chasing another cat? Possum? Zoomed too fast and I was asleep at the time. Love how he's looking around for approval. Treasure Chasing by MoonstoneWolf posted Sep 23, 2019 at 7:38 AM
  14. MoonstoneWolf

    How Do I Create An Album

    Maybe I'm just dense with technology but I don't see an option to create my own album. :(Are we no longer allowed to upload videos?
  15. MoonstoneWolf

    What Is Sopdet's Breed?

    Distinctive white patterns throughout her fur and her tail looks a bit "raccoon like" at the tip.
  16. MoonstoneWolf

    Confused About Sheba

    Is one pouch really a serving for one cat? It looks so tiny compared to the 5.5 oz can I'm currently feeding them so wondering how it can be a perfect portion. Thank you.
  17. MoonstoneWolf

    Timed Feeders/raccoon Proof

    The cats are feral and with daylight savings coming up soon and the area I live in I won't be able to keep the current schedule that I have now unless I get a timed feeder. Are those raccoon proof (knowing how raccoons can figure out how to get into things?) or are the cats doomed to a brand...
  18. MoonstoneWolf

    Mole Resistant Spikes

    Not sure if anyone would see in my regular thread but do mole resistant spikes affect cats in any way? I've seen the cats (Treasure and Sopdet) kill the moles but there seems to be an army. I don't want to harm the cats or make them leave. This is kind of urgent as my Mom is wanting to go to...
  19. MoonstoneWolf


    Inspired by the recent events with Shadow I wrote my first haiku in honor of her. And yes I know where she’s at but felt obliged to create this anyway.
  20. MoonstoneWolf

    I Should Have Named Him The Energizer Bunny

    Any suggestions? Treasure never calms down. Chamomile and other calming agents sold for cats don't work. Playing with him doesn't work (just gets him more wound up) and he's so bad that Sopdet now runs the minute she sees him (and she's very playful) and Shaman just told him off with a hiss...