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    Kitten Making Hairball Like Noises After Eating

    Pip is a healthy seeming and normal behaving 13 or 14 week old kitten. As far as the noises, she doesn't do it all the time. Just a few times so far, and maybe when I waited a little longer before putting down the meal. I mean, I know she is a kitten and she gets fed a lot of times a day, so...
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    How Do You Find a Vet That Isn't a Used Car Salesman?

    Just took the new kitten to one of the local animal hospitals. That is all we have here, animal hospitals. $80 wellness visit plus $44 for the booster shot. Tried to sell me the practice's wellness plan. Tried to get me to enroll in some third party cat insurance, first month free then they...
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    Kitten Sashays When She Walks

    My 12 week kitten is obviously quite healthy, running and jumping like a normal kitten. One thing that is a tad weird is that she kind of has a little bit of a hip sway when she walks. I don't mean one of the specialized play walks, I mean her normal walking. My whole family has noticed it...
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    Is It Normal For Cats To Have Whiskers Growing Out Of Their Ears?

    This is a pic of our 11 week old kitten w/ whiskers in the normal place . . and coming out of her ears. I've never seen this before.
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    Do Kittens Really Need Unlimited Grazing?

    Wondering because my 3 year old finally fully accepted the 11 week old kitten today and they started playing. So there isn't much need for her to spend the night in her safe room anymore *unless* unlimited grazing is actually important. Because I can't have him eating unlimited, and especially...
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    Kitten Doesn't Like Sisal Rope?

    Our 11 week old kitten is super cute, and a normal mix of playful and sweet. She, however, is not really taking to our scratching posts. Even when using the laser pointer, I can't get her to touch the Sisal. She will certainly attack the laser blip on the carpeted portions, but seems actually...
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    What Do Kittens Sound Like?

    So I've had 5 or 6 kittens over the years, though maybe this is my first adopted at 10 weeks as opposed to more like 14? We call her Pip, short for Pip Squeaker. She has a little meow and little a chirp, and both often get this weird breathy sound at the end. Sometimes only the breathy sounds...
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    Play Rehabilitation?

    Clyde is an 8 pound 3 year old. His adopted older sister recently passed. He didn't get a lot of obvious benefit from her being in the house, they did not play because she was one of those older cats that can never seem to learn how to relate to a younger playful cat. In addition to losing...
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    Feeling Awful

    Our 12 year old has had an enlarged heart for a few months that we are aware of. We declined to pay $650 to the local vet for a senior blood test and xray with no guaranty that would even identify the problem, much less any assurance that any treatment would matter. I don't have trust for the...
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    Need Guidance On Switching Feeding Approach

    For years, we have thought ourselves clever with our approach. Fresh 5.5 oz can in the morning for our 2 cats, leave it out until its gone, replace in the afternoon/evening & dry food at night. Unfortunately with our older 12 or 13 year old cat slowing down, they no longer eat enough, the food...
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    Fast Respirations = Allergies?

    Rocky, 9 or 10, has had allergies for years. Gets squinty eye now and then throughout spring and summer. My wife has been saying she is breathing fast for a few weeks, don't know if its new to this year's allergy season or not. It did seem like almost a breath a second, and they were pretty...
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    Annoying New Trick!

    My 9 year old indoor/outdoor is loving the warm weather as always. Unfortunately, she is now meowing by the front door so I'll come out and pet her. Doesn't want to come in at all. Probably. No way to tell if *this time* she is finally ready. Have to try and ignore her so this doesn't...
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    Expired Friskies At Costco

    So my cats were just not eating the Friskies I got from Costco, even though they eat friskies regularly. Some flavors they don't love, but they normally adjust after a day or two. They were not adjusting this time -- its been almost a week. They would eat one can a day slowly under protest...
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    Question On Notched Ear

    When we rescued a 3 year old neutered cat from our yard 6 years ago, she was severely underweight, definitely did not have a home at that time, but warmed up to us really quickly. Indeed, she ait moist food from my hand within minutes. She has a small notch in her left ear, but I understand...
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    Why Playing Rough With Your Kitty Is Bad

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    Initiating Play But Immediately Scared

    Former stray 9 year old Rocky (rescued when approximately 3) has always had the typical senior cat dislike for 3 year old Clyde, who we adopted as a kitten. Its improved with time, but she still doesn't like or at least doesn't trust him, and it is super rare to see them play at all. Where...
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    Too Stupid To Be Allowed Outside?

    Its currently 10 farrenheit here. My one cat goes out to pee voluntarily, cries at the door 10 minutes later. My other cat, it could be hours. In fact, when its going to be super cold at night, I don't let that cat out after 4pm, because he may not come back till the next morning. We did...
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    Almost Horror Story/cat Proofing Reminder

    We have an almost never used room, door stays closed. There is a sewing machine in there that gets used once every 4 months or so, and its never cat proof. I *KNOW* the cat cant be allowed in there unsupervised. I go in there to stretch for a run because we recently removed most of our...
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    Thanksgiving: Hunger Strike For Turkey

    Last night, my two had a bowl of turkey. Now they are refusing to eat the same brand of canned food they had in the days before, meowing by the bowl. No good deed goes unpunished!
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    Facing Off Danger Together

    My older one has never really *liked* the younger but things have gotten much better over the years. Today, I found them both yowling together, facing off against "Mean Orange Kitty". Sure they had retreated to the house, but they were not cornered, and he couldn't chase both of them. They...