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  1. Cquinn1021


    My Male cat Dudelo has been throwing up lately. He came inside and ate his can of food and turned right around and threw it up. His behavior hasn't changed, his coat is shiny. Not sure what could have caused it
  2. Cquinn1021


    My daughter found a tick. Didn't find any on our babies. Looking for something to spray the lawn with that won't harm the cats but will kill any ticks.
  3. Cquinn1021

    When Kitties Miss Each Other

    I took our lit mizzy to be spayed... dudelo, who was the cat that taught her kittering, was not happy. When she came home, he was all over her sniffing and trying to clean her incision site (no stitches). I think he missed her. Teaching her where to drink. Coming home in car. Sniff fest when...
  4. Cquinn1021


    Just found the buggie my cats have been hypnotized by.
  5. Cquinn1021


    Our 9mth old female has been crazy nipping at my daughter. She high pitches "baby" and lit one comes running, jumps on my 19 yr old daughter and nips at her arm, checks, chin and sometimes hand. She also lightly meows at her. Anyone have any ideas why???
  6. Cquinn1021

    Drinking Issue

    My older cat always liked to drink from a cup on the bathroom sink. Recently, she waits till one of us goes in the br until she goes in, jumps up and waits to be petted. She will only drink if ur petting her. When u leave she jumps down. I'm not sure if she drinks at any other time. We do have...
  7. Cquinn1021

    Diy Animal Snacks

    Donations for humane society 1st is for puppers Top kitters, bottom puppers. I have somemore litters, rabbits, and guinea pig treats coming
  8. Cquinn1021

    Guinea Pig Diy Toys

    I wanted to make some toys for the humane society. It's a stab in the dark to see if anyone on a cat site has any ideas.
  9. Cquinn1021

    Kitty Enclosures

    I took a class at the humane society making kitter enclosures for strays. Very easy to make.
  10. Cquinn1021

    Aggression Towards Kitty Video???

    Bad pic. Mizzy was sleeping on her mom's lap when she played a kitten meowing on her phone. Mizzy jumped up and started biting her hand (that held the phone) up and down and strangely meowing. She would replay the video and she would again, stand up against her arm and bite at her hand and...
  11. Cquinn1021

    Red Swollen Lip

    Not sure if any ideas. Mizzy is in the middle of her first heat. I noticed her lip red... it has gotten a little more swollen.
  12. Cquinn1021

    First Heat

    My 8th month old,I believe is in 1st heat. I have a male cat 5yrs old, who is neutered. They roll around and bicker back and forth. He also likes the smell of her. Should I be worried about anything? Ik not getting pregnant, but anything else?
  13. Cquinn1021

    Thanksgiving Pics

    Mizzy eating chicken liver pate. Then conked out.
  14. Cquinn1021

    Curled Toesies

    Gotta love some curled toesies.
  15. Cquinn1021

    When Your Cat Turns Her Back On You.

    Not sure what's up. She's been sitting like that for 5 minutes now.
  16. Cquinn1021

    Flea Treatment Behavior

    I treated my cat for fleas using frontline yesterday, he's nvr had a problem before. He wasn't real happy when we put it on and now he won't let us pet, hold, get near him. Could he be mad at us?
  17. Cquinn1021

    Wall Starring

    I've caught our 7mth old kitty starring at my cork board quite a few times. Should I be worried?
  18. Cquinn1021

    Not Eating Kills

    My cat has recently started bringing home snacks, but doesn't eat them. Why Is that?
  19. Cquinn1021

    Flea Bath

    Mom. . I'm all sticky and goopy. Please rinse me. Thank you mom for drying me off, even though I look like a PURRITO!!!!
  20. Cquinn1021

    Eating Grease

    Anytime I make hamburger and I leave the grease out to cool. I'll hear her jump up and find her eating it. Why and will it hurt her?