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  1. daftcat75

    Mirtazapine and diarrhea?

    I started Krista on transdermal mirtazapine (Mirtaz) and she started eating well as expected. But this morning she had some diarrhea. I see this side effect in only 6% of trial cats from the insert. Which is the same as the control group. On Google, I see it listed as a side effect only in the...
  2. daftcat75

    Prednisilone Compounding

    For those who have had pred compounded, what form and flavor did you go for? I'm thinking an oral suspension at a high concentration so I don't have to use very much. Krista was prescribed 1 ml of a 15 mg/5ml suspension (so a 5 mg dose) that just tastes horrible. I won't be giving this to...
  3. daftcat75

    FME Recovery Time?

    After nearly two years of battling with general vets over tooth resorption and tooth extractions, I finally took Krista to a board certified veterinary dentist. I told him, "make her toothless. Make this the last dental procedure she'll ever need." And he agreed with me. He showed me...
  4. daftcat75

    Favorite way to give Pred to cats?

    I finally got Krista's prescription for prednisolone and it's in my least favorite preparation. I have to give her 1 mL of the liquid. I haven't tasted yet but I'm pretty sure it's not compounded into anything appealing. So first question, what are your favorite tips for administering such a...
  5. daftcat75

    Rad Cat skipped the B-vitamins, can I?

    Still trying to replicate the excitement and satisfaction from homemade that Krista got from Rad Cat. My latest batch of homemade is a hard sell with her. I included B vitamins and skipped the egg yolk because I suspect a yolk sensitivity. But she's not crazy about this batch like the last...
  6. daftcat75

    Palatable alternative to egg yolk

    What is the nutritional alternative to egg yolk? Choline, lecithin, and what else? Probably other B-vitamins. It also has to be palatable. B-vitamin supplement smells like feet probably because it comes from brewer's yeast. Can I source it from nutritional yeast instead? Although she...
  7. daftcat75

    Prednisolone or....?

    Krista's current vet no longer feels comfortable working with the two or three teeth she has remaining and recommends a board certified dentist. There are only two or three in a very large metropolitan area here. It could be awhile before Krista can get seen. She has roots that are resorbing...
  8. daftcat75

    Need help identifying giblets

    Former vegan here. I can cook a piece of fish and make an omelette but meat is still foreign to me. Except what I’m learning in Krista Test Kitchen. 😹 I bought a bag of turkey giblets from the butcher I get thighs for meat and wings for stock. This saves me a 3 hour errand because they get the...
  9. daftcat75

    Make my own EZ Complete?

    I love the idea of EZ Complete. Unfortunately the chicken liver and the inclusion of digestive enzymes both make my Krista double over in digestive pain after. (Who's eating who?!) My current supplement stack for homemade is powdered calcium, powdered E, powdered taurine, powdered kelp...
  10. daftcat75

    How much fat and how to control for that?

    I'm trying to keep my senior cat eating. Since she can't have bone because of her IBD, I can't buy any raw rabbit foods for her as they are all whole animal grinds. I bought a frozen rabbit and a manual grinder. I learned how to butcher the rabbit off YouTube and ran its meat and organs...
  11. daftcat75

    Best way to partially thaw meat before grinding?

    I know how to make pink slime in a food processor. So I hear meat should be partially frozen (or mostly frozen?) before grinding. And I just got a manual grinder to not make any more pink slime with. I hope. I have a couple lbs of butchered rabbit meat and organs in my freezer. How should I go...
  12. daftcat75

    Can anything be added to Alnutrin to make it more appealing?

    I keep trying batch after batch of Alnutrin with Krista and she's not impressed. Can I grind freeze-dried heart into it or increase the liver to up its appeal or would that over-supplement? Any other ideas what I might be able to add to make it more appealing? Salmon oil? I have a few more...
  13. daftcat75

    Tiki Cat Raw Experiences?

    I finally broke open the tub of Tiki Cat Raw turkey that I had in my fridge despite Tiki Cat's inability to tell me how much bone is in their recipe. I called them. They said they didn't have a percentage figure. Krista's been having the clostridium squirts lately anyway. A little bone...
  14. daftcat75

    Nearly Toothless Krista Has An Eating Aversion

    Krista has just a few teeth left due to resorption and multiple rounds of extractions. One of them is a single canine. The others are whatever incisors she still has. The molars and premolars are gone now, some incisors, and the other three canines. Since the last round or the one before it...
  15. daftcat75

    Sealed Feeder

    I want a wet feeder that seals between meals so she doesn't have to smell food that she can't get to in the time between feedings. SurePet has a quality seal. The other timed feeders I'm looking at don't seem to have given this much thought. They all look like poorly constructed plastic...
  16. daftcat75

    Timed Feeders For Wet Food?

    What's your favorite timed feeder for wet food? I'm currently feeding Krista six times a day. All wet. Dry is NOT an option! After a rough start to this year, she's got weight to regain and portions to grow. I'm making progress on both. She may be ready to transition to four a day soon. To...
  17. daftcat75

    Assisi Loop Experiences?

    I just got the Assisi Loop for my Krista for her arthritis in her back hips. Bonus if it also helps her IBD. Though that’s pretty well managed these days. We tried GlycoFlex and cosequin. They both worked well for her joints but terrible for her butt. In the end, so to speak, the side effects...
  18. daftcat75

    Sharing The Bed

    Tonight I decided to use a seat filler in my own bed so that I may have more than a sliver when I climb back in after her 2am meal. She doesn’t look happy about this. (She’ll close the gap once I remove the pillow.)
  19. daftcat75

    Bored Senior Kitty

    It seems like all she does is eat or sleep. And when she’s not sleeping. She’s usually wanting to eat. What can I do for her (besides getting a playmate—not ready for another cat) to give her something to do between eating and sleeping. As a senior kitty with arthritis, she doesn’t seem to go...
  20. daftcat75

    Happy Birthday, Krista!

    Fifteen years young today!