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  1. Sarah93003

    Please have your affairs in order

    I see a typo in my post above. It is called a "Pour Over Will". In California, the purpose is to cover things that exist outside of your trust that you may not have had time or forethought to put into your trust. It allows your Executor to file a Heggstad Petition which is like a mini probate...
  2. Sarah93003


    If I'm not mistaken hermaphroditic mammals are born sterile so having them fixed seems an unncessary surgery. I'd research that one.
  3. Sarah93003

    Third hand smoking and my cat

    In my opinion the same precautions for our pets should be taken around those to choose to vape.
  4. Sarah93003

    Please have your affairs in order

    Sincerest thoughts for you and your family Karen. Losing a sibling so young is difficult to say the least. I worked in an Estate Planning law firm for 10 years and will echo what some have said. The best option is to have a Trust as well as using beneficiary designations on insurannce...
  5. Sarah93003

    New to the forum, not new to cats.

    An adventure that is a fond memory for me is when my job took me to Philadelphia for three years. It was the first and only time Torrie ever road in a plane. She was in a soft carrier at my feet the entire trip. The flight from Los Angeles to Philly is about five hours. When the plane...
  6. Sarah93003

    New to the forum, not new to cats.

    He makes me laugh every day. He is so smart! When I am on the couch with my laptop I can hear his nails on the floor as he approaches. Then I see a pair of ears stickup up above the top of my laptop. He has figured out he can use his nose to close the lid of my laptop onto my fingers and...
  7. Sarah93003

    How can I unhook my bra with 1 hand???

    That is exactly how I do it and it works like a charm. Can you imagine those little zipper teeth so close to sensitive bits? :lolup:
  8. Sarah93003

    How to handle a rescued cat living with me?

    Adway, in my humble opinion unless there is an urgent medical need I wouldn't be is too much of a rush to take them to a Vet. I would focus on building trust and familiarity. If you do need to handle a frightened cat I would suggest some good leather gloves that are thick enough not to be cut...
  9. Sarah93003

    New to the forum, not new to cats.

    Thank you both. Torrie was an incredible companion and I miss her dearly. Even after four months it is surprisingly difficult to talk about her without getting all misty eyed. I will defintely create a thread in her honor. She was a rescue and less than a year old when I got her so we had a...
  10. Sarah93003

    How to handle a rescued cat living with me?

    The new mama is afraid of the strange new surroundings and all of the strange smells from you and the other cats. I would never try to force myself onto a new or strange cat. I would do the following. Several times per day just go into that room and sit on the floor, leaning against a wall...
  11. Sarah93003

    introducing 2nd cat in studio apartment

    Lots of great advice above. It has been my experience that cats are very territorial and not always welcoming of a newcomer. There will also be a pecking order with someone being the alpha. I have introduced a kitten into a household that already had an adult cat and that went pretty well...
  12. Sarah93003

    Cat suddenly started scratching around his food and water dishes

    "Hiding" left overs is perfectly natural. Are there any other animals in the house? A couple of years ago I noticed a sharp declaine in my Torrie not eating her food. It only took a few days to discover that a small dog we had adopted many months prior was exhibiting dominance by peeing...
  13. Sarah93003

    New to the forum, not new to cats.

    I'm new to the forum and before browsing the threads thought it appropriate to post a little introduction. I've had cats all of my life with many dogs sprinkled in and the occasional ferret. I was also the owner of a cat hotel called Grand Feline Resort which was located in SoCal. It was a...