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  1. Ghoulofnagoya

    Butt problem

    👌 I will check out cideo but uf looks hard may just go to the vet.
  2. Ghoulofnagoya

    Butt problem

    Last night levi sat on desk and left clear flyid smelled terrible. Just now laying on me and to me looks like top of butthole enlarged? Is he ok or any ideas? Sorry about graphic picture
  3. Ghoulofnagoya

    “I’m on vacation!” Pictures

    Post pictures of your cat relaxing on Summer vacation.
  4. Ghoulofnagoya

    Contest Vote for your 20 favourite Glamorous Cats! - June Picture of the Month

    Everyone had such great pictures but just placed my votes
  5. Ghoulofnagoya

    February P.O.M. vote-off! 'Why can't I' pictures: the three top photos

    All three great pics but voted for my favorite. Good luck to all 3!
  6. Ghoulofnagoya

    February 2020 Picture of the Month: "Why can't I.....?"

    Entry Levi Why can’t I study for my test!
  7. Ghoulofnagoya

    Happy New Years!

    Post your kitty New Year pictures!
  8. Ghoulofnagoya

    Danger or ok?

    Yea I was overly worried. He was a little lethargic after but now he seems really energetic and like himself.
  9. Ghoulofnagoya

    Belated Halloween

    Levi is Rilakkuma and I am Korilakkuma! Did you and your cat dress up?
  10. Ghoulofnagoya

    Danger or ok?

    So my boy Levi and I have been playing all morning. He slept on bed with me and we played with wand toys. I gave him 5 small “kittles brabd” treats. Then more pkay and about 5 minutes later he threw up a small lump of tge treats and maybe catfood. Not a hairball. Then moved to different location...
  11. Ghoulofnagoya

    Cats Refusing To Play

    Sadly he only played with his brand new Halloween toy once then got bored lol
  12. Ghoulofnagoya

    Cats Refusing To Play

    last night Levi wouldn’t play. He just sat there unamused as I kept jiggling the toy on his head
  13. Ghoulofnagoya

    pictures of Cats enjoying their cat trees

    Levi just got new one all to himself. He loves it!
  14. Ghoulofnagoya

    What To Do With My Tessie's Lock Of Fur?

    I bought this cat “baby book” it has spots for pictures and says stuff like “One my first day with my new family I ...” then you write in what your cat did. Another section was “ My cat emotions” snd had spots fir happy, sad, sassy etc pictures of your cat. It is a good memory book And there is...
  15. Ghoulofnagoya

    Post Your Cats On Your Bed

    We like to relax on the bed.
  16. Ghoulofnagoya

    Dandruff Problem

    Sorry posted before done! My sisters cat hasn’t been checked by a vet in awhile. I may suggest a visit then. My sister thinks dandruff due to living in Las Vegas heat. But im worried because cat stays inside with air conditioner so why would that be a factor. I may suggest she get the blood...
  17. Ghoulofnagoya

    Dandruff Problem

    My sisters cat hasn’t been checked by a vet in awhile. I may suggest a visit then. My sister thinks d
  18. Ghoulofnagoya

    Dandruff Problem

    Climate must be part of it. We live in Las Vegas and it is very hot climate here.
  19. Ghoulofnagoya

    Dandruff Problem

    She is only 5 but maybe I should still add fish oil? I could definitely give it a try.
  20. Ghoulofnagoya

    Dandruff Problem

    She eats Blue buffalo and I hear its pretty good.