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    Oh no, Help! :(

    your kitten didn't get into anything around the house did he. perhaps ate something wrong. It sounds like you need to get him to a vet asap. I hope everything is okay please keep us posted.
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    OMG Is this sad or what? Must Read!!!!

    Kitten crusher gets six years By REID MAGNEY / La Crosse Tribune . The man who stomped on a kitten's head will spend six years in prison. Citing Randy Lee Whitney's "absolute lack of remorse," La Crosse County Judge John Perlich sentenced him to prison Tuesday, citing the need to protect...
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    New Kitten Video

    awww they are so adorable and cute. Congratulations!
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    Lost Kitten

    Thank you all so much for your prayers. My baby jasmine was found this evening. I still have no idea where she was or where she went but all I care about is she is home. I am so glad that Joey made it home also. Thanks everyone for there advice and there strong support. We love you all. Jasmine...
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    Lost Kitten

    I wasn't sure where to post this, but today is the most sadest day of my life. My little Jasmine is lost. we don't know what happen to her and we havent' seen her the last twelve hours. She isn't meowing and I have looked in every crook and nanny looking for her.
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    rescue kitty with eyes closed and now oozing

    Had the same problem with my kitten, put alittle bit of pencillin(you can buy at any hardware store) in her eyes. make sure you remove the needle before you do though. Or you can always buy the same stuff that they use to treat mastidice in cows. That's what i used, used it once and her eyes...
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    locking up kitten for litter training

    I have an eight week old kitten and i litter trained her in the dining room where i could keep an eye on her. I shut off all the doors to my other rooms so she wouldn't go in there and she's doing great. You could try maybe letting her know where the other two litter boxes are. So she can use...
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    Got my new Queen today!

    She is absolutely Gorgeous and is very lucky to have you as her mom!! Congratulations!!
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    Kittens Climing on Screens

    My two month old Jasmine started climbing onmy screens, the back of my furniture, and my curtians. I've been trying to get her to stop by saying no and then putting her down on the floor, so she knows that this isn't allowed. Does anyone else have any other ideas on how I can keep her clawing up...
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    New Declawed Cat

    My Cat Sassy has her front declawed and she is still an excellent hunter. She loves to catch rats, birds, mice, you name it and leaves them on my moms step as a present It's almost like she thinks that her nails are still there.
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    Kitten vs. Heating duct

    My Baby Jasmine is doing awesome. she's eating and drinking and playing like crazy. She loves to follow my little son around and play with him althought my son isn't so sure about it yet The only problem I"m having with her right now is her eyes, i've been putting penicillin in her eyes and she...
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    Let me introduce myself

    I've only known this site for a few days and my only regret is that I didn't find it sooner cause I love this site. It's perfect and I can talk to my friends about life with cats
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    Kitten vs. Heating duct

    I had never planned on spraying it anyways, i hate dealing with chemicals myself. BUT I BRING GREAT NEWS!!!!!! I finally got my little baby out. Had to tear down part of my wall but I don't care. I'm happy that she is back in my arms. Although when I pulled her up she was fat, I haven't fed...
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    Kitten vs. Heating duct

    I do need someones opinion on this. Someone at work told me to take ammonia and spray it down all heating ducts except one and that will get her out. She is only two months old. Won't that hurt her?
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    Let me introduce myself

    Hello my name is Donita. I am married with one son. I am also a mommy of one cat named sassy(and yes she is a very sassy kitty and thinks she rules the house) and one kitten named Jasper. and my my they are a handful I love cats so much that I would risk my life for them like I would for my...
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    Henry is driving me nuts!

    Do you keep the scratching post near where they sleep, sometimes that helps. Do they have one spot that they scratch or are they all over, if it's one spot you may need to remove their scent sometimes that causes them to go back to the same spot. Something else you could try is lemon potporrie...
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    Do cats become less playful?

    I have a nine year old black/calico cat name sassy. In the morning she loves to play. She's happy with a peice of paper that was dropped on the floor. I think it varies with all cats. My father has 23 cats some sleep all day, some tan in the sun, and the others just drive each other nuts by...
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    What's it like where you live?

    I'm from wisconsin and i absoultely love it here. The weather is gorgeous. and it's even more pretty during the winter. The rolling hills and mountains. If you visit wisconsin, you will love the smell of fresh cut hay and of course let's not forget the cows . Amish is very famous here in...
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    Kitten vs. Heating duct

    I will defineatly try that. Thank you! I will keep you posted on what happens in the near future.
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    Kitten vs. Heating duct

    I did just get the kitten last night and she is a little wild. I have been feeding her little peices of meat and she comes to get it so i see her, she is so fast that i can't catch her. I even tried using tongs. I opened a can of tuna and put next to the vent. Like i said it's a two foot drop so...