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  1. Ghoulofnagoya

    Butt problem

    Last night levi sat on desk and left clear flyid smelled terrible. Just now laying on me and to me looks like top of butthole enlarged? Is he ok or any ideas? Sorry about graphic picture
  2. Ghoulofnagoya

    “I’m on vacation!” Pictures

    Post pictures of your cat relaxing on Summer vacation.
  3. Ghoulofnagoya

    Happy New Years!

    Post your kitty New Year pictures!
  4. Ghoulofnagoya

    Belated Halloween

    Levi is Rilakkuma and I am Korilakkuma! Did you and your cat dress up?
  5. Ghoulofnagoya

    Danger or ok?

    So my boy Levi and I have been playing all morning. He slept on bed with me and we played with wand toys. I gave him 5 small “kittles brabd” treats. Then more pkay and about 5 minutes later he threw up a small lump of tge treats and maybe catfood. Not a hairball. Then moved to different location...
  6. Ghoulofnagoya

    Cats Refusing To Play

    last night Levi wouldn’t play. He just sat there unamused as I kept jiggling the toy on his head
  7. Ghoulofnagoya

    Dandruff Problem

    My sisters cat Pumpkin Pie has bad dandruff on her rear end. How can we get rid of it?!
  8. Ghoulofnagoya

    Unsafe Cat Tree

    So my sister bought my cat a cat tower and it is nice. But it has never been sturdy. Recently when my cat jumps on it it falls!! Thank god always on my bed but I don’t want my kitty getting squished. Does anyone know of a way to safety the tree? Like is there a product I can buy to stop cat...
  9. Ghoulofnagoya

    Worried... Update

    Took Levi to vet after he threw up, got lethargic and pooped mucus. They took x rays and blood work. He has gas pockets in intestinal track but. Ould not see anything blockage. So vet thinks might be bacterial infection. Because not drinking she put liquids in him. Then gave anti throw up...
  10. Ghoulofnagoya


    My baby was fine playing with new toy. Then he slept in closet ( he likes it there) But he was scared because cleaning lady vacuuming outside. 30 minutes later he threw up no hair but kibble. He looked bad from there. Hair all puffed out. He wouldn’t let me near him he hides or runs away. He...
  11. Ghoulofnagoya

    My Kitty Scared To Death

    I used to live in Japan with my cat Levi. My Japanese apartment never had a ceiling fan. Now we are moved to Las Vegas and want to leave ceiling fan on for him but he saw it start to move and freaked out. He hid for a day and after he came out from hiding I moved it slowly with my hand and said...
  12. Ghoulofnagoya

    Wet Food Necessary?

    Hi! So Levi and I have been in Japan where he ate a diet of dry kibble and in morning gets a soup broth ( he hates any sort of chunk ) We just moved a few days ago to the usa and I have tried many different types of cat food from : in gravy, patte, mousse and even bone broth but he refuses. Is...
  13. Ghoulofnagoya

    Stressful Journey

    in a month my cat and I will be moving from Japan to America. This will be a long and stressful journey for my cat. First we have to ride the bus, next take a subway train for 30 minutes, then take a bullet train for an hour and a half. From there another train or two followed by a walk to our...
  14. Ghoulofnagoya

    Friend Needs Advice

    I have a friend ( girl I studied abroad with) anyway she posted this on her fb. “Cat people, help me out? My girl cat keeps peeing on the dog beds! We are washing them almost daily and she has absolutely no need to. Her litter box is clean, she is fed, and she is healthy. She used to do this...
  15. Ghoulofnagoya


    I am home for the holidays. I am happy to see our family cat. She is wuite old now. Still sweet as heaven. I noticed above her eyes she has bald patches. Is this normal in senior cats or is she sick? I tried to post pictures but kept getting errors
  16. Ghoulofnagoya

    Fun Or Taunting

    I am considering buying one of those acrylic bird feeders that suction cups to window so my cat can watch birds while I am at work. But since he is an indoor cat is that taunting? He can see them but never hunt them. Is this fun for an indoor cat or frustrating? Any opinions would be helpful
  17. Ghoulofnagoya

    Picky Eater Is This Ok?

    my cat ate kitten wet food and dryfood everyday as kitten but now that he is one he hates wetfood. He loves crunchy dry food yet hates to chew wetfood. BUT he loves cat soups ( liquid only no flakes or fish inside) is this healthy to just give dry food and a soup a day? Is he fetting his vitamins?
  18. Ghoulofnagoya

    Ear Problem

    Ok so my kitty has been scratching inside of ears alot recently . So I took him to the vet. I had him check his ears. But this vet is in Japan and the doctor had me hold Levi. The doctor made a Q-tip out of cotton and a stick and jammed it in his ears hard. I was shocked. Now my poor kitty has...
  19. Ghoulofnagoya

    Changes Ahead

    Long story short I live in Japan. My cat Levi has lived with me here since he was a kitten he is now 1 year old. I have wanted to move back to America for awhile. ( been gone 8 years and miss my family, parents getting older, boss is mean to me at work and no advancement here) But I had my cat...
  20. Ghoulofnagoya


    My cat woke up amd in spot where he sleeps his whisker had fallen off. He is one year old. Are whiskers suppose to fall out?! Is he sick? Very scared!