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  1. HelloNingNing

    Neighbor's outdoor cats are being left outside in freezing cold, no food, no water, no shelter.

    Hi, I need help and I don't know what to do.. I have my own pets that I worry about but my neighbor is just getting on my nerves. For about a month now, her cats have been asking us for food and attention. I can't lie and say that we didn't give them any but now, they greet us more than they...
  2. HelloNingNing

    What is the best/cheap cat litter available in Canada?

    Hi, we have 1 cat and 4 9 month old kittens and we are in need of safe, and affordable cat litters. I've tried a few brands of litter, non clumping and clumping. Most of them are quite expensive for us like Yesterday's News, Arm & Hammer, etc. We have also tried those wood pellets that everyone...
  3. HelloNingNing

    Hartz Ultraguard Plus Flea & Tick Home Spray Thoughts?

    Has anyone ever used this brand before? I am having problems with a little bit of fleas. Its not a serious infestation but I'm scared that it will become a serious problem soon since fleas do multiply quickly. I wanted to try home remedies but my mom is against any of it like using salt...
  4. HelloNingNing

    Room Temps For Kittens

    Temp right now in where i live is 29-30+ degrees celcius. Its quite hot and were all sweating. Will it be okay to have a fan going in the room where the cats are and have windows open? Tonight temp will go down to 16°C and im quite scared because momma cat is usually roaming around the house at...
  5. HelloNingNing

    Thrift Stores For Cat Stuff

    Hello :). Came here to ask about maybe used Cat stuff/furnitures. Our neighbors mentioned to us that they went to a thrift store nearby specifically for cats(or pets) and they sell a lot of cat toys, cat trees/mansions, leashes, collars, etc. We haven't really been there to check it out but...
  6. HelloNingNing

    Pregnant Cat Updated - Fleas.

    At the end of May, a stray female cat has come into our home. She looked very light and skinny so we fed her and kept her ever since. But as time went by, we noticed her stomach growing. My family said she's pregnant and i only believed it a few days ago because of the amount of movement there...