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  1. MissClouseau

    Do Cats Eat More When It Gets Cold?

    They need more calories in the cold weather, yes. :-)
  2. MissClouseau

    Eating her calories, still seems hungry

    When was the last time she got dewormed? Worms might get more common during the summer/autumn as certain worms are passed through fleas. Although typically there is a bit unbalance between how much they eat and how much they gain weight when there are worms and your description doesn't sound...
  3. MissClouseau

    Unsure what is going on with cat. Any insight is appreciated.

    If I were you I would get Fortiflora probiotics and offer pate texture wet food with it. Only one is given a day so maybe you can split it to two different wet food meals. And not give more than half a can at most, like about 40 grams. If there is anything like a hairball or constipation right...
  4. MissClouseau

    just how big do female domestic short hair cats grow

    Their neck get larger by weight gain too. Your description sounds like weight gain and not development like growing up.
  5. MissClouseau

    My cat was diagnosed with stomach cancer but I’m confused.

    A second opinion at a different clinic would be the best. Take the results of all the tests done from this clinic and take them to the new clinic. I'm really sorry you are both going through this. I hope you get good news 🍀
  6. MissClouseau

    Lillie poisoning advice please....

    Could you call the vet hospitals around and ask if they have a dialysis machine or know a clinic that does? In Istanbul only a few vet clinics have them but they help immensely for situations like this.
  7. MissClouseau

    Will this help tartar buildups?

    Studies show dry food indeed helps to clean the tartar when chewed. A big kibble could help. Dental treats like Feline Greenies could be better though instead of a normal kibble, just big in size. Also try toothgels for cats, water additives, and chew toys if you can't brush their teeth especially.
  8. MissClouseau

    17 year old cat trouble walking

    Even with a great immune system at 17 years old, the chances are there are a few things she needs support with and you can't learn what they are and what to do without a vet and some tests. By waiting it's possible things are getting worse and more expensive. I understand your concerns and I...
  9. MissClouseau

    Update On Lily!

    You know obesity is a big factor for both kidney stones and UTI. If you haven't already the next time you are at the vet maybe you two can re-evaluate her calorie intake too. I'm sorry you are both going through this. I hope she feels better soon. 🍀
  10. MissClouseau

    Food Suggestions

    Wet Cat Food & Canned Cat Food | Buy the Best Wet Food at Low Prices I'm looking at Zooplus UK right now and heavy majority of these have fish in them.
  11. MissClouseau

    Food Suggestions

    If it's available where you are, Gourmet Gold which is also from Purina is very similar to Fancy Feast and Pro Plan pate. And a German brand but, Miamor pate is also quite nice. Hima loves both chicken and trout ones. The picky eaters of the yard love them too. PateChicken Can85 g But of...
  12. MissClouseau

    Why would your cat get sick after the vet

    Yeah stress alone can do it. My Hima has gingivitis and she gets a dental flare-up after every vet visit. Her worst was after a vet visit too and nothing was done to her teeth/mouth. It's pure stress. After a procedure things might be sore too, acting like sick. I try to add some...
  13. MissClouseau

    Is it hyperesthesia?

    As far as I'm aware of there isn't a test for hyperesthesia and this behavior in the video can happen with fleas. Possibly due to allergies too. So I would first take care of them and see how it if will fix it. Effective treatment for fleas. And reducing the allergens at home.
  14. MissClouseau

    Cat Vaccination vs Upsetting My Cat

    OK, the chances are the shelter did apply a spot-on treatment and yours is the next one. Flea treatments are usually effective for a month. Then you need to re-apply. You can go another week or two without applying it with not much risk. It is advised to take the cat to the vet after adopting...
  15. MissClouseau

    Cat Vaccination vs Upsetting My Cat

    You have something to apply on the neck, right? Not a needle. If so, what you have is a parasite spot-on treatment, not vaccination. Just to prevent future confusion. How old is the kitty?
  16. MissClouseau

    Is it hyperesthesia?

    A video would help (to show to the vet too.) Based on your description, cats sometimes do that when they have fleas too indeed. They bitten by the flea and try to "run away" from it. I would use an effective flea treatment like Stronghold/Revolution, clean the house for fleas and see how it goes.
  17. MissClouseau

    He lightly snores--but he's from arid climate now to humid living-- is it normal?

    Does he always snore or just sometimes? My Hima quietly snores sometimes too but it's totally due to her sleeping position and happens rarely. If he snores every time he sleeps and this has been going on for like over a week, I would call the vet and ask if it prompts a visit. They might have...
  18. MissClouseau

    Empty Stomach Vomiting

    With the microchip feeder, you can also put a cam for the room they eat to later check and make sure they all had enough food.
  19. MissClouseau

    15 year old cat recently sick - vet says may have irritable bowel disease or lymphoma?

    Hi there :) Lolly is a cutie. Lovely name too! I read the whole post. First things first. Her current appetite and seemingly lack of enough hydration is the most troubling thing right now and needs urgent care. Cats can develop fatty liver disease fast from not eating (enough) and that can get...