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  1. GreyLady

    Considering and overthinking 2nd cat adoption

    I think if I was you I would get a kitten so its easier and do it over winter break. I introduced cats in a 1 bedroom apartment just fine using my bedroom as the home base.
  2. GreyLady

    Experiencing severe kitty blues after getting two kittens, any advice would be appreciated!!

    I think maybe youre in shock because you said you've never had pets before. SO you didn't realize the emotions and responsibility. And that there are a lot of "punches" to roll with. You never know what will happen next with baby animals. I think your anxiety will ease as time goes on and as...
  3. GreyLady

    It's National Cat Day!

    Oh, that's wonderful!! I don't know but now we will certainly need to celebrate. Special treats are most definitely in the forecast!
  4. GreyLady

    Question of the Day, Sunday the 18th of October, 2020

    South Korea!! Or Alaska.
  5. GreyLady

    Help Me Not Get Murdered Picking Up a Stray Cat!

    I would say I can take the cat, but only if you (surrenderer) traps her and brings her to a public place (local mcdonalds or super market parking lot)
  6. GreyLady

    Does anyone know what the price should be for a 2 year old spayed female purebred Maine Coon?

    Well I have a much shorter answer that I definitely think that's a fair price from what Ive seen. She may have blacked out breeder info because she doesn't want to go back to the other state and has heard stories about breeders being contacted by 3rd parties. I would ask her to give you...
  7. GreyLady

    How to react towards resident cat smacking kitten

    I would just ignore it. Keep praising her when she is being peaceful with the kitten. Play with her together with the kitten ect. I think you have the right idea already. Its natural to feel bad for the little guy getting put down but it will lead to harmony in the long run for him to learn...
  8. GreyLady

    Anybody checking out Prime on Oct 13/14?

    Wow!! I hear stuff occasionally online about unhappy Amazon workers but I have 2 friends who both work for Amazon IRL and they totally love their jobs. I sometimes wonder if its a load of propaganda from competitors online.
  9. GreyLady

    Suggestions for Helping Senior Cat Lose Weight

    Grey buddy seems to be doing a little better. No accidents today or yesterday and he has a lot of energy, chasing Noodle and Bonnie around and playing with his Banana. I think he feels a little better and its making him happy maybe? I hope? I dont know if cat antibiotics work as quickly as...
  10. GreyLady

    The "what's On Your Mind?" Thread -2020

    Thank you for asking. Yes he has a UTI and is currently on antibiotics. I think he may be feeling a little bit better. His last accident was the day before yesterday and he seems to have more energy yesterday and today chasing the girls around! The vet said he may have crystals though which...
  11. GreyLady


    Wow cat seem to universally hate zucchini LOL! I wonder if they think its snake? I wonder what it is about banana, zuchinni, tomatoes and veggies in general that drive them nuts. Just weird unknown shapes? Think its a snake? The bright color? Its hilarious
  12. GreyLady

    Anybody checking out Prime on Oct 13/14?

    They sent me a $10 off on my prime day purchase coupon when I made a purchase earlier this month, I used it on a set of two xl microfiber towels which was 14$ on sale- only $4 with the coupon. I have really long hair and will use the towels to dry it gently.
  13. GreyLady


    Not with a banana but one time Noodles tail got huge and she sideways walked up to a zucchini and slapped it lol
  14. GreyLady

    New Persian Owner...

    Oh wow. That little face. She is soooo cute and she seems to be lucky to have a nice caring owner who will spend the time to groom all that cottony floof.
  15. GreyLady

    Suggestions for Helping Senior Cat Lose Weight

    Yes we had an option between liquid and pills so I chose the liquid. It has gone great yesterday and today, thanks for asking! I just put the medicine in the lickable and he has eaten it up every time. He gets 1 ml twice a day. That's a lot of treats of course but I read the package it seems...
  16. GreyLady

    Suggestions for Helping Senior Cat Lose Weight

    Thank you all for your thoughtful advice and well wishes. I will look at the ingredients and compare the different foods and definately look into the urinary wet food. I will have more time to do this tomorrow. Good to know there are wet alternatives. Thanks FeebysOwner Maybe I can switch to...
  17. GreyLady

    The "what's On Your Mind?" Thread -2020

    Fatheads! We just put a life size Lamar Jackson fathead in our basement lol. Actually its a whole sheet of Ravens fatheads my parents got us as a housewarming gift. They're really cool!
  18. GreyLady

    Suggestions for Helping Senior Cat Lose Weight

    Well we were able to get him in sooner, yesterday. It was awful because we had to wait in the car for a long time and he had more than one accident due to us being there for almost 2 hours. They did blood work and a urine sample. Blood was all normal they said. But the urine they said he had...
  19. GreyLady

    The "what's On Your Mind?" Thread -2020

    Yeah I feel you. I tried to call to pay my old bank which I accidentally overdrafted from because I didn't realize it was still on autopay and 2 hours later it was impossible to give them money 0_o
  20. GreyLady

    The "what's On Your Mind?" Thread -2020

    Thank you <3 It was a bad experience we waited for almost half an hour in the car and he peed and pooped in the carrier. Then peed more inside the vet office... they were able to get a good sample... and they took some blood to do blood work. He has lost 2 pounds since a year ago so they...