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  1. CatLover49

    Need Help With Kitten Wet Food

    Hey everyone My son got me a kitten..And the lady that had him..says he only eats dry kitten food..which I believe thats what she started giving him regular as soon as he could eat solid foods..Im guessing But ive bought so many wet brands and either donated or sent back for refund cause Fudgey...
  2. CatLover49

    Wet Food for Almost 7 month old kitten

    Hey all My son got me a kitten and Im looking for grain free...carreegan free..non pate...pretty good first ingredient be a protein and other 3 or 4 next ingredients not be bad.. Not real expensive..but nothing like friskies ..ff..those really cheap brands..guess something in...
  3. CatLover49

    Show Off Your Tabby Cats

    Hello everyone...Lets see all the tabby cats All cats are beautiful and gorgeous of course..but lets see pics of some of yas tabby cat or cats or kittens:):silver:Heres mine below Hes 6 months old and named Fudgey:wave3::petcat::clapcat:
  4. CatLover49

    Miss You Snowball So Much

    My snowball Crossed the Rainbow Bridge on July 8th /2020 And I hurt and crying now...Some days are ok when think of him Others I cry my eyes swollen Its like my life is empty...Feel alone I miss my baby Snowball I love you and miss you so much My life will never be the same...
  5. CatLover49

    Tabby Cats

    Ok..lets all show our tabby cat or cats And tell what color tabby coat they have Lets have little fun Fudgey My brown mackerel tabby :silver:
  6. CatLover49

    Recommendations for kitten food

    Hey everyone My son got me a kitten..hes around 5 months His birthday 3/5/20 I haven't had a kitten in yrs What are some wet n dry food recommendations And how much and how often Should I leave little dry out in daytime or nighttime Should he still be on kitten food at this age or adult..or both...
  7. CatLover49

    Enemas and lung problems

    I need some answers Can a cat that is put under anesthesia to get enema done...Can it affect their lungs...Can it damage their lungs I know this sounds like silly question But again it's not If a cat is loosing weight...can lung deteriorating cause that My baby recently crossed the...
  8. CatLover49

    Ideas for wet & dry kitten food

    I have a 5 month old kitten...I recently got I want some ideas on some good healthy wet & dry...foods
  9. CatLover49

    Hey my name is Fudgey

    Hey all You all know me from my precious Snowball :whitecat: That recently crossed the bridge I miss him very much and hes always in my heart forever No other cat can or will ever replace him I love and miss you Snowball :catrub: My son recently got me a kitten not to replace Snowball...but to...
  10. CatLover49

    My Snowball Is Gone

    Please someone anyone Please tell me how to get through this My baby passed on the 8th of this month July And my hurt is as bad as the day it happened :whitecat: 😭😪
  11. CatLover49

    My Precious Snowball

    Hello Alot of you know me and my cat snowball..he passed away on July 8th?/2020...The vet had to put him to sleep:(:whitecat:He was loosing weight and they did xray cause abdomen was very tender And that's when the vet found out my babys lungs were deteriorating very badly He was suffering I...
  12. CatLover49

    My Precious Snowball

    :whitecat:My precious snowball had to be put to sleep the 8th of July He was loosing weight and other health issues Took him immediately to the vet He felt his abdomen and said something was wrong cause it was way too tender So he did an xray and it showed his lungs deteriorating:(😢😔😭His quality...
  13. CatLover49

    Is this too skinny

    Hey Does this look too skinny for a cat???
  14. CatLover49

    Expired Gababentin

    Has anyone on here ever used expired gababentin I need to give my cat something for pain til get to vet tomorrow for what the vet said looked like an ulcer or tooth issue or both..from the picture I sent them The gababentin is like over a yr old or little more..yr and half I would have asked the...
  15. CatLover49

    Issues with gums

    Does anyone know what white looking bumps on both sides of my cat gums an one of the is trying to get almost over his tooth...when he closes his mouth..its like loose skin
  16. CatLover49

    Cat Breathing

    Could someone please post a video of their cat breathing at rest .I would post video..but my phone wont do it on the site for some reason Ive been seeing my cat breathing like I could see his stomach going up and down I listened with my ear on him and it sounds like a baby's heart beat on an...
  17. CatLover49

    Psyllum and Famotidine

    Hey..Who can tell me about these 2 meds..Psyllum..and Famotidine???Yas experience with the use of them on your cat or cats.. And what did it help your cat with Thanks
  18. CatLover49

    Hunched position????

    Hey all My boy has started sitting like this alot Does this position look like a position he would sit if he had pancreatitis...or IBD..or a Blockage??? Thanks for the insight
  19. CatLover49

    Redness seems to be spreading

    Hey all I previously have posted about this issue And now it seems to be spreading to cats nose as seen in picture attached The vet did a skin scraping last year..Results was showing nothing under microscope.. Has anyone any insight on this?? Or had a cat or cats to have something similar to...
  20. CatLover49

    Blood in cat stool

    Hi...I haven't been on here in awhile posting..But I have an issue...Well my kitty does..My cat is almost 12yrs old in July...And maybe a month ago..he went to vet and she had to do the type enema on him where he had to go under anesthesia...Cause on the xray it showed he was full of poop..but I...