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  1. cataholic07

    Cats traveling many miles to go home

    Cats can roam pretty far, with barn cats its best they are locked up in the barn for 2-4 weeks so they stay there otherwise they will come back. If you love him though, ask if she will let you keep him.
  2. cataholic07

    Angry cat.

    Are all the cats fixed? Does she have enough cat trees/litter boxes inside (should have 3 tall cat trees in social significant rooms and 3 litter boxes placed around the house).
  3. cataholic07

    cat 2nd times peed on my bf's bed

    At 4 months old he can be neutered, do NOT wait longer than 6 months old otherwise you can risk spraying. I'm sorry but you can NOT do any type of physical punishment, especially with cats/kittens it just makes them stressed and increases their chance of doing it again. If you continue with...
  4. cataholic07

    Peeing in bed and knocking sh*t over

    First and foremost vet trip. A move is stressful and stress causes a UTI so you need to rule that out first. And no matter how small your apartment is you need to have a cat tree. Even a small one by the window, it's important for cats to have that and then you can add extra territory like cat...
  5. cataholic07

    How to teach my kitten to use his scratching box?

    I have never had a kitty who likes scratching the cardboard ones. None of my fosters did either. You can try carpet scratching posts, most like that, some like sisal. There is that vespar kitten playstation one that i've used with all my itty bitty fosters.
  6. cataholic07

    What breed is my kitten?

    I would say a DSH cream ginger. Looks like typical kitten fuzz and the blue eyes is just the eyes of a kitten under 7 weeks old. Too young to be taken from mom and siblings as I'd say is only 5-6 weeks old. :( Hope you have another kitty to help him learn how to be a good kitty with manners :)
  7. cataholic07

    Need some advice

    You have to do slow intros this can mean weeks even a month or two in a sanctuary room and site swapping first before visual meet. Check out Pam Johnson bennet's website on cat intros. She has an awesome new book called Cat vs cat revised which I love.
  8. cataholic07

    New Adopted Cat

    For new cat owners I always suggest buying the book Think like a cat by pam johnson bennet it answers all your questions andh elps you to understand more about cats. I do suggest more wand time play and only pet the back of the head. Some cats don't like full body pets or hard pets either...
  9. cataholic07

    Larger kibble cat food.

    Some cats need to be fed small frequent meals verses one or two large meals a day. Cats really need to be fed 3-4 times a day and need to be fed wet food at least once a day for moisture content. I would feed wet food in the morning, leave out some dry in a food puzzle, feed wet when you get...
  10. cataholic07

    Need help in choosing a second kitten!

    If you are wanting a cuddler your best bet is to get an adult or older kitten only. Kittens go through their teenage phase of not being lap cats. My one cat Jethro was a lap cat as a young kitten but not during his teenage stage. Once he reached over a year old he's been more of a lap cat. My...
  11. cataholic07

    Is He A Ragdoll?! Please Help.

    It's hard to say, if the price is cheap and the kitten is unfixed I'd be worried. All good breeders always spay/neuter pet quality kittens, and many do show their cats.
  12. cataholic07

    Understanding Cat Coat Coloring

    Silver tipping is pretty normal in kitties, my torbie had it to but it's completely gone now as you can see. I think its like guard hairs that get shed once their adult fur comes in.
  13. cataholic07

    Pregnant cat I'm confused

    If she's been outside for 4 years and was never pregnant before then something else is the problem. The only way to know is to get an xray done, it will show if it's kittens or if she was spayed.
  14. cataholic07

    Thinking about adopting a 4th..

    Yes them being close in age is pretty important to help with play aggression my cats being young and cat friendly does really help. But at 2-4 there can be some fights as they are now more mature and wanting to establish themselves and decide on territory in the house. So there is that to think...
  15. cataholic07

    Pregnant cat I'm confused

    You would need a vet appointment and i'd get it done asap. If it's early on you can get her spayed. If it's just a wormy belly and not feeling well she will get meds.
  16. cataholic07

    Thinking about adopting a 4th..

    Yah the kitten is only 5 weeks old so not sure of the personality yet since he's still growing into it. I'm not worried about money as I do have pet insurance and money in the bank. But my parents and brother as well as the cats have to be on board. Looking at their personality of my cats a laid...
  17. cataholic07

    Thinking about adopting a 4th..

    I have 3 cats, two are brothers and 2 years old, the other is a one year old girl. Jetty loves other kitties and loves to play with them. He seems to have endless kitten energy lol. His brother Fynn is the boss cat, he's a big boy (in frame/stature not weight) and takes the longest to get used...
  18. cataholic07

    How to stop my deaf kitty, 8 mo old, from climbs my glass shelves and knocking off collector glassware and other items.

    How many cat trees do you have? I would add a tall cat tree near there so she has a "yes" item and may not wanna climb. Being deaf she is for sure more geared towards being a visual cat so seeing what's going on is important. So I would ensure lots of tall cat trees for her :)
  19. cataholic07

    Cat won't stop peeing outside the litter box... and on dog??

    Getting her spayed will help if it's spraying. Strange why are they so booked up? What food are you feeding her and how much a day? Have you added a 2nd litter box and tried cat attract litter?
  20. cataholic07

    Must I Force My Lady Cat To Love Her Teen Kittens?

    Try more play time with the kittens to burn off energy and adding more resources like cat trees, litter boxes so she feels more comfortable. She's probably just sick of them bothering her. Kittens could be playing too rough so it's her way of saying ow that hurt GO AWAY. How old is she do you...