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  1. Katie M

    Buttermilk Pie

    I'm working on my next grocery list, and I see that Walmart has it. Has anyone had buttermilk pie? Is it an acquired taste? Is it good with whipped cream? . . . I'm so hungry right now :drool:
  2. Katie M

    Why Are Black Cats Considered BAD LUCK?

    Charlie feels nothing but pity for all who believe the superstitions-
  3. Katie M

    HIPIPET Cat Cardboard Scratcher House Hideaway

    I'm waiting for the money, but this is in my Amazon cart- : HIPIPET Cat Cardboard Scratcher House Hideaway Beds Box with 4 Replacement Cat Scratch Pad Detachable Cat Cave Bed Lounge, Cat Hut with Catnip : Pet Supplies Has anyone had this? It looks sturdy and easy to put together.
  4. Katie M

    No More Wild Polio In Africa

    Africa declared free of polio This is fantastic news! There are only two countries left-Afghanistan and Pakistan. We are SO close to eradication.
  5. Katie M

    Clove Oil

    I don't know if I'm overreacting or not. Selene just licked my hand, which still smells of clove oil. I can only assume there's some oil still on it. She only gave it a few licks. Is that enough to cause harm?
  6. Katie M

    Cats In Profile

    Let's see your cat's best side! Selene-
  7. Katie M

    The Most Dangerous Kitten In The World

    I can't believe the camera operator survived.
  8. Katie M

    The Last Movie You Saw

    I thought this would make for an interesting thread. What was the last movie you saw? What was it about? What did you like and dislike about it? My last film was called, ironically, "The First Film". It's a British documentary that sets out to prove that Louis Le Prince was making and...
  9. Katie M

    75th Anniversary Of Hiroshima Bombing

    Japan marks 75th anniversary of Hiroshima atomic bombing I don't want to debate whether the atomic bombings were the way to end the war. I do think we can all agree that nuclear war, no matter how limited, can never be repeated.
  10. Katie M

    Unusual Things You Own (Or Owned)

    I was born in West Berlin in the late 80s-an interesting time and place to be, to put it mildly. Foreigners and service members were allowed to cross into East Berlin through a specific checkpoint, and Mom and Dad would often go there to shop. One day, Mom was looking at baby blankets, and she...
  11. Katie M

    Edible Seaweed

    Has anyone ever had it? I just found a seaweed snack on Walmart's grocery site. I'm definitely curious, but I'd like some opinions before I add it to my order.
  12. Katie M


    I've been thinking about them lately, because I remember when my grandmother put her own together. I don't have the space, money, or handiness to make one myself, but I would love to have a Victorian dollhouse, right down to the William Morris wallpaper. Has anyone here made their own dollhouse?
  13. Katie M

    Reminiscing About The Strangest Things

    I lost my grandmother yesterday. Just now, Mom and I talked about, of all things, ice cream. When my brothers and I were kids, Grandma always made sure to stock up on Klondike Bars and Flintstones Push-Ups. We never had those at home, so they became a "Grandma's house" thing. She got me to...
  14. Katie M

    You Know You Care More About Your Cats Than About Yourself When . . .

    . . . you accidentally step on one of the cats when getting out of bed, and you're more concerned for them than for the blood now issuing from your foot. I'm sorry, Selene, I didn't mean to :bawling:
  15. Katie M

    Baby Talk

    Apart from tone of voice, I don't generally engage in baby talk with the cats. However, I was petting Charlie just now, and I heard myself say, "Him happy." It begins :crackup:
  16. Katie M

    Excedrin Migraine

    For those of you who use this, have you encountered a shortage in your area? I haven't been able to find any for weeks-my Walmart's headache medicine section has been continuously empty. I have no idea if it's related to COVID or not, but I only have a small bottle left and I'm getting concerned.
  17. Katie M

    Site Loading Very Slowly Lately

    I know it's not my Internet, because every other site loads just fine.
  18. Katie M

    Change In Sleeping Habits-Should I Be Worried?

    Selene, like a lot of cats, sleeps during the day. Within the past week, though, she's been sleeping much more. She's also doing it in just one spot. When she's active, nothing seems to be wrong-she's her normal self. Is this just a passing phase? Is there a point when I should start worrying?