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  1. stephmnichols

    Neighbourhood cats

    Hi all, I was wondering if anyone has advice for deterring the neighbourhood cats? As much as I love them all and have affectionately given each one a new name, at least one of them has started spraying my patio furniture and its sent one of my (indoor) cats into a bit of a spiral. Thank you :)
  2. stephmnichols

    Long-term introductions

    Hi all, I was hoping to hear from some people who have personally dealt with long-term cat intros of two cats that turned out to not be as compatible as you hoped. My first cat (Coffee, age 3, spayed) is quite shy and reserved, and just terrified of the new cat (Maui, 5 years old, spayed)...
  3. stephmnichols

    Best slow-feeders?

    Looking for something to slow Maui down in eating for when she gets her kibbles. I was maybe considering one of the Cat-It products, like the tree or maze or digger? Or a treat ball of some kind (but not a hard plastic one as we have laminate and tile flooring and the sound would drive me crazy...
  4. stephmnichols

    How to stop feeling guilty?

    So we adopted a second cat about a year and a half ago, and while the two of them are never going to kill each other or anything, I can't help but feel bad for the first one since she really doesn't like the new one. I realize that some cats may never be friends, and that as long as they can...
  5. stephmnichols

    Leash-walking Cat

    I'm having a bit of a dilemma deciding whether or not to take one of my cats on walks on her harness and leash. For starters, we just built them a large catio (about 80 square feet) on our second floor balcony which they both absolutely adore. The two of them don't exactly love each other, but...
  6. stephmnichols

    "letting Them Work It Out"

    Just curious about how far "letting them work it out" goes in terms of introductions? We first introduced Maui into the household to Coffee a year ago now, and they are still in the "working things out" stage. Coffee is afraid of Maui, and wants nothing to do with her, and Maui thinks it is...
  7. stephmnichols

    Advice On Keeping Routine

    I'm coming to learn that one of my cats (well, both, but one especially) is hugely in need of a consistent routine. One or two days of variation for her is generally okay (ex. weekends) but having a sporadic schedule as one tends to have in the summer is not ideal for her. I'm wondering if...
  8. stephmnichols

    Is The Solution A Third Cat/kitten?

    I know it sounds counterintuitive to add a third cat to a mix of two cats who already don't get along... But I somehow think it just might work. Coffee: original resident, 2.5 y/o, gamma-type personality (shy, enjoys routine, does not handle change all that well). She would have been much...
  9. stephmnichols

    Advice For Increasing Confidence?

    We're on month 7 of introductions, and while we have come a long way there's still so far to go. Wondering if anyone has advice on how to increase our resident cat's confidence, so that she doesn't act so much like "prey" when the new cat is around which thus leads to chasing and even less...
  10. stephmnichols

    Making Progress

    Hi guys, I've posted a lot in other places about my cats, Coffee (F, 2) and Maui (F, 3.5) and their LONG integration process (~7 months) and just had to share this milestone moment from the other day. Background info: Coffee, resident kitty, had since 6 months old (almost 2 years now). My...
  11. stephmnichols

    Does My Cat Like Seeing Other Cats Outside?

    I know that this can be a cause of stress for some cats, but they’ve never seemed to bother her outside before. We have a sun room that she absolutely adores being in - like she would live in there if I’d let her - because she loves watching the bugs and the birds outside. There are several...
  12. stephmnichols

    New(ish) Cat Chasing Resident

    Any tips on getting the newer cat to stop seeing the resident cat as prey? We've had Maui for about 5 months now, and she and Coffee (resident) still don't get along great but they are fine when supervised and relaxing (Coffee usually on a high perch somewhere, Maui exploring). But as soon as...
  13. stephmnichols

    Separating To Reintroduce

    Hi all, Some of you may be familiar with the Coffee/Maui saga, but if not, here it is in short(ish): Coffee, 2, had since 6 months of age. Somewhat shy angel baby. Maui, 3, much more outgoing little buddy (she was shy at the shelter which is why we originally thought they would be a good match)...
  14. stephmnichols

    Cat Introductions

    Would love to hear how long it took people to introduce their cats to a point where they could at least tolerate each other, specifically both young adults! Bonus points if they hated each other first (what I am currently dealing with and trying not to lose hope).....
  15. stephmnichols

    Urinary Problems With New Cat

    Hi everyone, I actually have sort of a two-in-one problem that I think are related and I need some advice on how to troubleshoot. We got a new cat, Maui (3 y/o), about two months ago, and our resident cat, Coffee (2 y/o), is not taking it very well. She's always been a little shy and cautious...