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  1. saharahoshi

    Cat introduction saga - entering month 3

    I wanted to say thank you to everyone who has taken the time to respond to my posts and I wanted to provide an update. Quick recap: We have had New Cat (NC - Jellybean) for about a month now. We had to restart the intro process a couple of weeks ago (about 2?) because NC made a jailbreak from...
  2. saharahoshi

    How big should a 1 yrs old pee clumps bee?

    I have a 1 yr old male who has larger pee clumps than my other cats that I've owned, will post a pic when I can get one. Our vet appt got rescheduled and we are defin. Going to do blood work, he just turned 1 in sept and is super active. Never owned this active or young a cat. Just curious as...
  3. saharahoshi

    W8shingvi had done better by Smudge

    Smudge was my baby, he was about 5 when we adopted him and he had acute kidney failure at age 8/9. The intensive care vets asked if we had lilies or if he ate something and the answer as far as we could tell was no. His kidney numbers were astronomically high but otherwise he acted totally...
  4. saharahoshi

    Our cat jumped over 6 foot containment for visual introductions

    I took the advice of a bunch of people here and we used wireless shelling from home depot she create a containment barrier so that our new and resident kitties could see each other. We put a blanket for visual cover and aluminum foil to deter climbing but our boy used the door frame to shimmy up...
  5. saharahoshi

    Recommendation for a slow feed cat bowl for dry food?

    Both our cats eat super fast no matter how much food we give them (they both got vet check-ups their blood work & physical exam was fine, they are just jerks sometimes). There are a TON of slow feed cat bowls, does anyone have a recommendation, the options are a bit much and I don't want them...
  6. saharahoshi

    What baby gate brands stack nicely?

    We decided to go with stacking baby gates for cat intros, does anyone have recommendations on which ones will stack nicely? It is a bedroom door so we would like to be able to get in and out. 6 foot 6 inches tall and 2.5 feet wide. Pic of the door is also included
  7. saharahoshi

    Giving new cat enough time away from kitty base camp?

    We adopted male cat, Jellybean (a little under a year, he'll be 1 next month in August). We have an 9-year old resident cat, Ruthie. Long story short, weeks ago Jellybean got loose twice (I'm not proud of it) so we had to start the intro process all over. We've been giving him "yard time" (it's...
  8. saharahoshi

    cat proofing door knobs?

    I might be insane but I think one of our cats knows how to use rounded door knobs if he is motivated enough. Do those toddler proof door knob things work for cats? How about ways to reinforce the door from the outside that don't involve construction?
  9. saharahoshi

    Do people have pictures of how they did the visual step of the introduction process? Live in an apartment so need ideas

    Ok, so we are close to the visual portion of the introduction process. I'm wondering if people have pictures or links to what they might have used? A baby gate is not going to cut it for us because our boy can jump (really jump). We can't really install a screen door so I thinking of using one...
  10. saharahoshi

    When do i move on to the next step of the intro process?

    We have had New Cat (NC) for about a month now. We had to restart the intro orocess a couple of weeks ago (about 2?) because NC made a jailbreak from cat Basecamp two times and got into it with our Resident Kitty (RC) Fur flew we separated the two ASAP it was unfortunate both times, we have...